2007 Toyota Prius 1.5L hybrid from North America


Inverter coolant pump.

Headlight bulb frequently burned out for some reason, every 6 months or so.

Consumes oil. No drips, no burning, no smoke. About 1/2 quart every 1000 miles.

General Comments:

This car is unbelievable. It just works, and keeps on working. I put 107,000 miles on it in about 2.5 years. I replaced the inverter coolant pump which is a common replacement for these cars. I couldn't say anything bad about this car. I sold it with confidence that the next owner will be just as satisfied.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2019

23rd Jan 2019, 16:23

Did you inform the next buyer you added an extra 53 quarts of oil in 2 years?

24th Jan 2019, 03:31

It's a 12 year old Prius with over 300K miles on it. You think the new owner really cares about how much oil it has used?

24th Jan 2019, 12:35

We have a 2005 with about 235k on it.

It still has all the original struts.

The only things we have done for it are a CV axle boot replacement, water control valve and brake pads.

It was using some oil at high RPM, but we ran some engine cleaner in it and it seems to have slowed down.

It needs a new valve cover gasket now. It loses oil when revved up.

This is the most trouble free car I have ever seen.

Toyota put some serious mojo in these cars.

2007 Toyota Prius 2 1.5 from North America


At 267,000+ miles, this is an awesome vehicle, worth every penny


Replaced 3 front wheel bearings. Two were due to a minor fender bender in the first year of ownership. Total cost was a hair over $1000.00 for all three.

General Comments:

Still drives incredible after all these years. My only complaint is with the driver's seat not being very comfortable after about 200 - 300 miles of driving on a long trip.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2015

2007 Toyota Prius T3 1.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Totally reliable, economical, fast and comfortable


Nothing has gone wrong.

At 30000 miles, the brakes were serviced with new discs.

General Comments:

Not the armchair comfort of the Volvos, but very good.

I am 77 years of age, and have owned many cars, starting with an Austin 7 Swallow 1930 vintage. The Prius is my only one bought brand new.

Touring Europe, I can drive 300 miles per day without any discomfort.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2011

2007 Toyota Prius Executive 1.5 hybrid from Norway


The easiest drive available


One of the tail lights is not sure if it's gonna work or not.

Some problems with central door locking in cold weather; fixes itself above zero.

A creaky sound at the brakes just before stopping.

Some interior creaks.

Parking sensors in front beeping all the time (when turned on).

I'm having heavy arguments with the voice controlled GPS. Especially when debating what temperature we're going to have in the car.

General Comments:

Despite some minor irritations this is overall a very nice, if a little dull car to drive. Very well equipped.

Silent running, but at high revs it sounds like a dustbuster, with a hint of sewing machine and a electric shaver. Weird exterior, but you get use to the "pregnant Celica" look.

Spacious inside for 5 adults. Because of the sloping rear, luggage space is limited. Seats are nice, but could have been better on long trips.

Interior is otherwise practical and functional in its futuristic ways. Some plastic feels a bit "CD cover" like.

Cheap to drive, but not cheaper than a diesel. Uses 10-15% more per mile than written on the paper, and up to 20% more in the winter.

Traction control useless up icy hills. You just stand there and nothing happens, and you can't turn it off.

Very light steering, but not very accurate. Feels like you're driving in pudding on twisty roads. Strong brakes, but there are cars with better road holding.

Lots of airbags is a plus. You're gonna need it when a cowboy with a Suburban runs over you.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2011