11th Aug 2007, 21:23

We ordered our Prius last Friday with Package #5. I was quite happily surprised with this car in the test drive and my wife was equally impressed. We bought the car as a runabout; I have a Porsche and my wife has a Touareg V8. Our plan is to keep the miles down on our cars and save money on gas. I am not particularly overwhelmed with the quality of the fabric on the seats, but everything else is first rate. The fit and finish of this car are generally a cut above anything else in this price range. I am amazed at the features that are offered for this price - tire pressure monitoring, decent radio with MP3 and blue tooth capability, electronic stability control, CVT transmission, keyless ignition - just to name a few. These are options usually available only on more expensive cars, at a much higher price point. I can't wait to start driving this little gem on the daily commute. And since I am not an eco nut, I will get a kick out of telling people that the nickle in the battery is mined in one of the worst toxic dumps in Canada, then sent to Europe for refining on huge diesel burning barges. Once, refined, it is shipped to China for final preparation and then on to Japan for assembly. Our order will no doubt come here on another huge diesel burning barge.

17th Aug 2007, 16:39

I am very curious about the Prius. I test drove one yesterday and it seemed to live up to expectations. I will be replacing my Astro cargo van which I drive 60 miles highway round-trip and spend 5-7 hours driving in Manhattan traffic during the day as I am a contractor with 10-15 stops to make looking at on going jobs. I currently in summer time get 13-15 mpg and do 25000 miles per year. I calculate savings of $3600 per year in gas alone if I get 45mpg. Over 5 years that's $18,000.It sounds like a no brainer. Can anyone who owns one talk me out of this. I am not a hippy or tree hugger and look at this as strictly a business decision. What do you think?

20th Sep 2007, 13:12

I wouldn't talk you out of it; I'd talk you into it. We started averaging low to mid-50s mpg straight from the dealership, with occasional jaunts over 60 mpg. We drive "gently," with gradual starts and stops. The on-screen displays are very helpful to tweak gas mileage even higher. It's not hard, but does require some change from old habits to get the best mileage possible. But that's a good thing, no matter what car you drive. Aside from the economy, this is the most fun car I've had to drive in my life! I even got a thumb's up signal from a pedestrian yesterday--first time that's ever happened to me!

26th Sep 2007, 21:31

I have been swaying between buying an exciting small German car and the Prius for several months, and I have settled on the Prius. I have read most of the comments posted here, and it seems that all of the negative comments hold no weight. The purpose of the design is completely functional, which is unfortunate, considering the hideous appearance; however, the technology, economy and environmental friendliness have won me over. I don't drive to impress people. I have no shortcomings to hide ;)

There are just two concerns I have about this car: 1) How is the comfort on long trips? 2) I have a slight fear of computer malfunctions. How reliable are the electrical/computer systems, and are they much more expensive to repair than traditional mechanical systems?

30th Sep 2007, 07:40

The comment regarding auto headlights... if you just leave your headlights on all of the time, they turn off like in my old Saab... so you have the same thing.

I am getting 45-48mpg. My car has 3000 miles. I was getting 40 and was disappointed. Then a light went off on the dash telling me to add air to my tires!!

Once I did, the MPG went to 45-48 and that is without trying or using the 'techniques'.

I spent $1500.00 and my Prius is as luxurious as my Saab. Interior is nice leather. Spent $60 and got a shark fin antenna and another $50 and got white head lamps that look like Xenon.

And I spend $18.00 every two weeks on gas vs. $75 on my Saab...

5th Oct 2007, 17:11

Thanks for everyone's comments. We've had our 2007 Prius for 5 months and here is my review, with nods to the previous posters. Under the theory that nothing is perfect, I've got some positives and negatives to mention:

-The drive is quite comfortable, even on longer trips, and the accel is quite good. The interior room is impressive, quite a surprise for a taller person such as myself. As some here have said, it has unexpected pep when needed. A pleasant surprise.

-Although far better than anything I've had before, I've been disappointed in the mileage thus far. I'm at 6000 miles now and did not notice any significant change after the 1st or 2nd tankful. It's been warm and the a/c is on sometimes, but at the low running levels, the a/c should not affect the mileage by 8-10 mpg. Right now we are averaging 45-46. At best up to 50 on longer trips on flat ground. I expected 5-10 mpg more than I've been getting. Also, living in a dense suburban/metro area as I do, being a "lighter foot" is not always an option! When you've gotta go around here, you've gotta go! On the other hand, with the price of gas what it is, why quibble?

-The outer styling of the car didn't turn me on very much initially either, but one gets used to it. Was never much for worrying about appearances, anyway!

-I must disagree respectfully with the reviewer who stated the view from the driver's seat is "good". My assessment is that it is not, and this is something potential buyers should be aware of. The view out the back, with the center bar that supports the spoiler, is very poor. The window itself is small so with this extra hindrance, the visibility is nearly non-existent. The back blind-spot views are bad as well, even with perfect adjustment of the mirrors. I have nearly had two accidents on the highway with people parked back there while I prepared to change lanes. Unfortunately that nifty rear-view camera doesn't help - it isn't on - when changing lanes!

-There seems to be a lot of "wasted" space on the dashboard, and an overall lack of horizontal surfaces.

-Finally - for those tall people out there - one very strange omission in this advanced "electric" car is the lack of an electrically adjustable driver's seat, even as an option. My wife is a foot smaller than I am so we are constantly readjusting the seat, and the amount of travel back and forth (there is literally NO adjustment ability up and down) is very constrained. This seems a strange omission in an electric car. I realize the motor (s) may weigh a few pounds, but...!

Thanks for everyone's comments and advice! MAS.