15th Jul 2004, 17:01

One of my friends rented one for a week because his truck broke down. (At 20 bucks a day I recommend renting one to see if it will work for you.) I sat down in the car buckled up and waited for him to start the car. Suddenly we start moving which was a surprize to me because I thought the car was off. That is how quiet it is. On the freeway it was switching between the gas engine and electric motor. The electric motor made no noise and you could hardly notice the gas engine. If the radio was on I couldn't hear it at all. Oh oh oh, talk about roomy. I could stretch out my legs, lean back, and relax in that car. Everything is on the steering wheel. Less horsepower than my Nissan Altima, but faster due to how light it is. Sleek and smooth inside and out. Good sound system. 50 MPG freeway and 66 around town. He had driven it 110 miles and only used about 2 gallons of gas. Only one thing I would change: I wish it came with a sun roof. Other than that we just have to find a way to strap a motorcycle to the top of it :) I really enjoyed riding in this car even if it was only for 20 minutes. I am now finding out a way to buy me one. YAY.

1st Apr 2006, 21:24

I have to say, I too am intrigued in the Hybrid technology, but my complaint is the fact that the Prius is (in my opinion) -SO UGLY! They need to make more of these things that look just like regular cars people actually want to drive! I think Ford is on the right track with the Escape hybrid, at least it looks like a regular car and not a deformed potato! I think the ethanol fuel will be even better, it is made here, creates jobs here, and the only pollutants of pure ethanol are carbon dioxide and water-seems like a no-brainer.

2nd Apr 2006, 12:53

Three points:

1) Claiming that carbon dioxide is a good emission is faulty. What you mean to say, I assume, is that it REDUCES CO2 emissions.

2) Having SUV hybrids is really a step in the wrong direction. Getting SUVs to achieve the mileage of a compact car may sound wonderful, but the reality is these vehicles remain inherently unsafe and are a threat to all motorists on the road. Plus, these vehicles never achieve their mileage. One auto magazine reported 14 mpg in a Highlander Hybrid SUV.

3) While you may think the Prius is ugly the marketplace does not. Seems the marketplace wants hybrids to look different than their conventional counterparts. Sales of the Honda Civic hybrid prove this. That said, more and more cars (mainly Toyotas/Lexuses) are using hybrid technology without changing model design.

2nd Apr 2006, 16:40

1) Carbon dioxide and water emissions are much less toxic than what the cars put out now, don't forget, Hybrids still use gasoline, just less of it. If cars were actually running on pure ethanol, there would be no sulphur dioxide, unburned hydrocarbons or nitrogen oxide - non naturally occurring chemicals, unlike carbon dioxide.

2) Several resources I looked at rated the Ford Escape hybrid at 36 city/31 highway, and hybridcars.com also states that the Escape beats the Lexus AND Highlander hybrids in fuel economy.

3) To say hybrid SUV's are a step in the wrong direction is just plain silly. SUV's are popular among Americans for good reason; for example, my Uncle's Suburban will haul eight people, all their luggage in the back, plus tons more on the roof, PLUS carry a trailer. Try doing that with a Prius. Many people have SUV's for good reason, and can take on tasks that would otherwise require two Subaru's.

4) You claim that the Honda Civic hybrid is proof that people want hybrid cars to look different from their counter parts. Let's not forget though, that the Honda Civic hybrid and the regular Honda Civic are nearly identical in appearance, except maybe for the wheels, and the fact that it says "Hybrid" on the back. To me, it doesn't matter whether the future cars will be hybrid, electric, biodiesel, ethanol or whatever else may come; the common goal should be to get our nation off the dependency on foreign oil.

3rd Apr 2006, 16:39

2 things lol.

1.) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) isn't that bad, at least its used in photosynthesis in plants and is somewhat natural to our atmosphere.

While the main culprit is acutally Carbon Monoxide (CO). This is a much more harmful gas to be putting in our atmosphere and is not easily converted back to oxygen and carbon like CO2 is.

2.) I find it funny that people read auto magazines and call themselves "informed".

4th Apr 2006, 17:53

To the first April 3 commenter:

1) If you read the poster's comment in context, it is obvious he thinks C02 emissions are bad.

2) ALL vehicles have bloated mileage ratings, and by the way, I quite clearly stated where I got the stats. about the Escape beating the Highlander and Lexus in mileage ratings.

3) I NEVER SAID 99 per cent of SUV's are used as I described, but that they have that capability, and many people like to be able to haul anything, when they need to, obviously when you are commuting, use a smaller car.

4) Where did the poster claim he wanted hybrids to look like regular cars? It's not in there.

5) My point is simply that we could get our country off foriegn oil without just banning SUV's, but by running them off ethanol, which as I have said, creates many jobs here, bio-diesel or hybrid engines, all three being much cleaner.

13th May 2006, 22:59

The Toyota Prius is probably the best car out. It helps the environment. Unlike behemoth SUVs, it puts out very low emissions. Hooray for the Prius and the people who buy them!!