1999 Toyota RAV4 2.0 gas from North America


Worth the money, small defects, but a long-lasting car


Driver's seatbelt sticks.

Back left door no longer opens.

Tint on the windows has started to severely peel.

Engine light is constantly on, nothing wrong with car.

Seatbelt light is on, only when you wear the seatbelt.

Radio wiring is messed.

Blinker hardly works, if you push it too hard, you'll just hear a faster-than-usual clicking sound, but no blinker comes on.

Engine refused to turn on at about 300,000 KM. (fixed).

No power behind engine, hard to accelerate.

General Comments:

Overall, this car is doing a great job at keeping itself up.

Almost 400000km and it's still going strong.

Lots of small technical/cosmetic things going wrong, but that's pretty much understandable because this car has been used A LOT. I wouldn't be surprised if it kept going for another 200000km.

I would suggest this car to anybody, as long as you're not expecting much power behind the engine, because it IS very hard to accelerate and hates going up steep hills, LOL.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2009

21st Feb 2011, 14:50

It would be useful to know how the engine was fixed when it didn't start! This helps to assess reliability and what problems are known weaknesses.

1999 Toyota RAV4 LS from North America


Excellent value



General Comments:

Nothing but raves for this car.

We've been in 2 accidents and had the car put back together very nicely - parts were readily available. Neither accident resulted in personal injury - the RAV performed just as needed for protection.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2008

1999 Toyota RAV4 4wd 2.0 from North America


Dependable, little off-road grocery getter


So far nothing.

Actually, one of the hinges on the fold-down cup holder broke in the dead of winter from the cold. I have yet to replace it.

I have also done some preventative maintenance out of boredom - flushing the tranny fluid, replacing the spark plugs, etc.

General Comments:

Great little SUV. It's much smaller than other SUV's on the road, but that's fine by me. Tried it out on some rough terrain and it performed great, but it seriously needs a beefier powertrain. It is damn slow. That would be my only gripe.

The entire car is well designed. Comfortable seats. Easy to work on engine as well as body (even though I haven't had to do anything yet, I can just tell by looking at it and looking through the Haynes manual)

I definitely recommend this car/SUV - if you don't mind it being really slow!

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Review Date: 4th October, 2006

7th Oct 2006, 20:34

Hi there;

I am considering purchasing a Rav 4 in the next little while. However, I don't like the idea of Toyota making the newer ones larger. It increases the price, the weight and the size of the vehicle, making it just as ungainly as the others out there. I drove the new 2006 Rav4. I thought it was too large for what I wanted. My whole idea for buying the Rav4 was because it was a smaller SUV unit. Anyone have any input? Thanks.


2nd Apr 2010, 13:27

I agree with CJ. I have been running thru' reviews of small SUVs, with RAV 4 topping the list, but have continued to worry about its growing size. 2006 edition is worth a trial, but certainly not beyond it. The newer versions appear too boggy, not for the young nor middle aged, I guess. Skype2.

1999 Toyota RAV4 GX 5dr 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Rear washer nozzle tube detached.

Steel wheels are starting to show a bit of rust and look tatty.

General Comments:

Autobox is really smooth and changes when you need it to. Can turn the overdrive off to restrict it to three gears when climbing hills. Good ride quality and really easy to drive.

Power is a bit limited, as a 2.0 engine is a bit small for a relatively large car, but the bonus is the combined 30mpg you get - excellent for a full time 4x4 albeit a "softroader".

Rear legroom isn't great, but fine if it's just for kids.

Seat fabric in the GX is a bit garish - try and get a VX with leather and alloys.

Lastly, I think it was a bit mean of Toyota not to include a load cover for the boot as standard - Toyota parts and accessories aren't cheap.

Overall very pleased.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2006