2000 Toyota RAV4 L 2.0 3sfe from North America




Fuel filter.

Fuel pump.

PCV valve.

General Comments:

It has cost me about 200 dollars in repairs over the past 10 years, all of which I have done myself.

It runs great, doesn't burn oil, leak oil, all the power things work, the AC on the original charge still works.

The seats are a little worn, no rips or seam pulls, but a little sun fade.

The check engine light comes on, on occasion, but then randomly shuts off.

It is not fast, it handles very well and is tough as nails in the snow, mud, or anywhere else I have taken it. I beat the ever living snot out of it, and I cannot kill it.

The paint still shines nice, there are no clearcoat problems like I see on GM cars of the same age.

The AWD system is fantastic, it is better than the new ones in the new RAV's because it is locking hub AWD, and is not a part time system.

I believe the rear-end is starting to go, but I will just buy a salvaged rear and replace it.

The tranny is original too, which is amazing since it has over 250K miles on it, and still works like new.

I would love to buy another one, but the new ones are just too big for what I need.

I will just keep this one, and who knows, when the motor goes, I will just replace that too.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2010

2000 Toyota RAV4 Edge 2.0 VVTi from Australia and New Zealand


Well built, reliable and practical go-anyware car


Trouble free. I've owned the vehicle for only one year, but completed 18,000km without bother.

General Comments:

Toyota reliability stands firm with this car, after 10,000 km the oil looks like the day it went in and doesn't use a drop.

Great driving position makes it great around town, but very comfortable on long trip (could do with cruise control though).

Power is very adequate. Mine's an auto and will happily overtake up a hill providing you floor it and don't look at how many revs the thing is pulling!!

I took mine to the north west of WA in January (50 degree plus heat) with 4 adults, a large trailer with sides (full) and the airconditioner going... it sat on 130km/h all day and returned very reasonable economy.

It's been on the beach, through creeks and on some pretty rough tracks without problem. That said, I am always mindful of its limitations!

I would thoroughly recommend a RAV to anyone looking for a versatile, practical and economical SUV.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2006

2000 Toyota RAV4 2.0L from North America


Reliable, but small SUV


After two years the front brakes developed an annoying squeal. Had new pads installed and the rotors turned. After a week, the squeal was back. Took it back to the shop, they installed shims, made no difference. Drove car with the brake squeal for about a year until it became a very bad grinding sound. Took it into the Toyota dealer and they said it needed new calipers, rotors and pads (quoted $1000). I ended up doing the brake job myself and installed new rotors and ceramic pads (the calipers were fine-typical dealer trying to rip you off). The brakes occasionally made a low grinding sound, but it was better than the squeal. The back exhaust rattles if the car isn't warmed up and you accelerate quickly.

General Comments:

We bought this SUV new and have generally been happy with it. Aside from the brake problem, it has been a very reliable vehicle. The four wheel drive comes in handy in the snow and we've even done some light off-roading in the desert. Passenger room in the back is very small. The ride is a little stiff, but fine for short trips. We replaced the stock Bridgestone tires with Michelins (much better ride). Acceleration with the 5 spd manual transmission is OK, but the engine really revs trying to get up to highway speed. Gas mileage is about 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway (if you don't rev the engine too much you can get slightly better gas mileage). We ended up selling the RAV4 after we had another child (too crammed for a family of four). Great car for a young couple or as a second vehicle.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2006