2001 Toyota RAV4 AWD L 2.0 gasoline from North America




"CHECK ENGINE LIGHT" Since 29000 miles, the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT came on and I have been to the dealer in US, about 6 times until I got tired of it. First they claim loose gas cap, next the charcoal canister, (replaced), then the catalytic converter, (replaced), then the gas cap (replaced), then fuel lines, (replaced), all under warranty. They are guessing and I am very disappointed with their trouble shooting techniques. The dealer meant well and they are trying so hard to fix it, but no luck, up to this date, the light still on. The car runs great and never had a problem starting, running. I decided to live with it since I love their styling and the money that I put in already with the accessories. I will lose money if I trade it in. Disappointing for Toyota. I owned a Toyota before and never had a problem.

General Comments:

Toyota dealers should be well trained to trouble shoot discrepancies. Guessing, remove and replace until we guessed it right is not what the customer wants to experience. It is time consuming and such an inconvenience. Come on Toyota this is not the image that you want to project, you have a history of reliability, don't fail now.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2003

23rd Feb 2004, 18:40

I think the fact that the dealer is trying everything to fix it for you goes a long way in my book. I think it's just bad luck you got this check engine thing, and there's some small flaw in the car somewhere. So they're replacing everything they can find to try and fix it.

2001 Toyota RAV4 GX 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Very good, would get another when the time comes


Nothing other than the yellow engine light which won't ever go out. At 21,000 miles the Dealer told me to just ignore it saying it was a common problem!

General Comments:

This is the third RAV I have had - and the first 5 door MK2. Seriously better than the MK1, feels and is a bigger car.

Off road as good as the MK1 surprisingly so as I've taken it places I would previously have only used a Land Rover for. Decent off-road tyres a necessity for this though !

OK in snow too. No problems on several ski trips to the Alps.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2003

2001 Toyota RAV4 from North America


Great people and cargo hauler with looks and comfort



General Comments:

Excellent choice! Can't beat a Toyota. I own two now. My summer car is a 1989 Corolla GT-S, and she's still going.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2003

2001 Toyota RAV4 L 2.0 from North America




Purchased used. Hopefully all the problems were taken care of already. I just needed to get new tires. Which is general maintenance.

General Comments:

I like my RAV 4 a lot, has a lot of guts for a 4 cyc engine. Some people say it needs a bigger engine. I think it's just right. The SUV looks small from the outside, but it actually is very roomy inside. A lot of cargo room in it as well.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2003

2001 Toyota RAV4 L from North America


A reliable and stylish SUV


To date, there have been no major problems with my RAV 4.

However, the tires do seem to slip a bit when on wet pavement.

There is a little noise in the cabin from the engine when I shift gears.

Also, it is not the best when it comes to snowy weather. I have a 4x2 (not a 4x4) and there were several times this past winter that I almost slid into oncoming traffic on my way to work.

In the SUV's defense, the weather this past winter was especially brutal.

General Comments:

Overall, I really have loved my RAV4 from the moment I saw it at the dealership.

It is a very stylish vehicle, inside and out.

It has excellent acceleration and handles very well.

The fuel economy is great for an SUV.

The vehicle is also very reliable. It has never left me stranded and always gets me where I need to be without any major malfunctions.

I recommend purchasing a 4x4 to get you through any grueling weather conditions. I would also recommend that you have a sunroof - it makes driving this wonderful vehicle even more enjoyable!!!

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Review Date: 6th July, 2003

12th Feb 2005, 18:23

One should not expect 4WD to help in icy situations - you have 4 wheels spinning instead of 2. Also, on-demand 4WD is bad news, as the car's handling characteristics remain stable 99% of the time, but when you get into a sticky situation the handling of the car drastically changes, making it even more difficult to handle safely.

4WD is more effective than FWD only in limited situations.

12th Feb 2006, 20:35

If it snows where you live, you should have bought a 4wd RAV4!

When it snows, you need to drive slower!

13th Feb 2006, 11:40

You people are forgetting the biggest factor...

How does your car connect with the ground and turn, accelerate...?

The tires. During the winter you should have all season, winter, or studded tires for snow driving. Even with 4wd, it won't matter if you had summer tires with a very shallow tread. The tires wouldn't grab traction and you won't go anywhere.