2004 Toyota RAV4 CV 2.4 Unleaded from Australia and New Zealand


Never looked back!


The Car is now 17 months old and nothing has gone wrong, mainly due to the low kilometers as we live in a small town. Our cars are generally only kept for 2 or 3 years so we encounter no problems.

General Comments:

The car was purchased for its height, making entry and exit easier, after many decisions it came down to the Rav4 CV or the Honda CRV, the Rav4 won in the end because of its end price and our history of excellent Toyotas'. A noticeable absence from the Rav4 is ABS. Not a major problem, but Fog-lights weren't included unlike the previous Rav4 Edge, the black plastic ovals in their place don't look too good.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2005

18th Feb 2006, 23:04

My Grandparents own this car, they like to update every 2 years so the little Rav4's time is up. They went to the local dealer and looked at the new 06 Rav4, they went in with high expectations, but came out extremely disappointed, the extra weight has blunted performance and my Grandmother, who needs a high seating position was disappointed with the seating (high window sills and she can't see the bonnet) so after 2 years and only 20,000km a new 2006 Subaru Forester sits in their driveway.

2004 Toyota RAV4 from North America


I regret my purchase of theRAV4


This week the Check engine warning light and vehicle stability, control and stability light came on indicating a problem. The interior is very cheesy and the visor clip is ready to fall off. The ignition switch is loose. The wind noise with the back windows down is terrible and sounds like a helicopter taking off. The dashboard rattles loudly and is very annoying. The side window also rattles when halfway down. The back door is very heavy and the hinge attachment seems too cheesy to hold it. The rear door is poor design with the spare mounted on it and no bumper. Insurance rates are higher on a RAV4 since they can't absorb small impacts.

General Comments:

I'm very disappointed with my RAV4 since I bought this vehicle on Toyota's reputation for reliability. The build quality and reliability is poor and it seems to be an expensive to fix, fragile toy. The only positive things I like about the RAV4 is the good gas mileage and handling, but that can't make up for the faults on this vehicle.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2004

23rd May 2005, 06:08

Happened to try a RAV4. Disappointed with this car? I am surprised!

Just for the record, the RAV 4 happens to be the world's best entry level SUV for 2005, if JD Power is to be believed.

28th May 2005, 05:20

I don't know about J.D. Powers, but I'm not impressed by the RAV4 at all and think it's much overrated. Recently, mine developed more defects. The fuel air sensor failed, catalytic converter needed to be replaced, it has squeal somewhere that the dealer hasn't fixed yet and rattles, squeaks in the dashboard. It isn't a lemon, but just a cheesy, poorly designed and unrefined SUV. The rear door is a poor design and doesn't stay open unless the SUV is parked on level ground.

2004 Toyota RAV4 XT3 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Totally reliable family car


Nothing at all to report.

General Comments:

Car is an ex demonstrator thus comes with a few extras.

The chrome pack and rear spoiler look good, but we have had the front "A" bar removed as it clutters the front of the car.

The ride and handling are excellent with modest body roll in corners.

Economy is good considering the full time 4 wheel drive and mid to high 30's are easy to achieve.

Controls are easy to use and well laid out except the remote radio control on the steering wheel which would have been better placed on the oposite side of the wheel.

The 3rd seat belt is a little awkward to secure and release from it's anchorage, but can be done using the ignition key to release from the buckle by pressing in the release tab.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2004

22nd Nov 2009, 13:56

I have a Toyota Corolla X reg and have the same light problem. A friend had the same problem with a Y reg Avensis. He took it in and had the same sensors changed, but didn't cure the problem. After a few more unsuccessful visits, he got the car changed under Sale of Goods Act as not being fit for purpose, being as this happened within the first 6 months of owning it.

I'm wondering if anyone who has had this problem has ever found out the reason for the engine management light coming on like this? I don't want to take it in to the garage to be charged for not fixing it, as I believe even Toyota don't know what the problem is. The car still drives well, but I can't sell it with this light on. Any ideas?