26th Jun 2007, 04:45

A great brand and a fantastic car. TOYOTA RAV4 is the perfect car for a family...

27th Sep 2007, 06:24

The buzzer takes 2 minutes to remove by a Toyota dealer, they do it by programming the system. The plastic parts can be protected by a very nice looking protection cover. I've done both and are very satisfied.

I couldn't agree more with you about the Mercs, I've owned 2 and I would never by a new one again.

I live in Norway, and the RAV is excellent on snow and ice which we have a lot of.

By the way, I'm an owner of 2 RAV 4 cars.

13th Nov 2007, 17:19

Not a bad car! It should be lowered a bit for more on-road capability. That could avoid under carriage damage for those who would dare competing with a true 4x4!

2nd Dec 2007, 14:10


Done 25,000km now. few more comments. Still have wobble under heavy braking. Toyota said they fitted new discs, but they lied - they were reconditioned. I have to get it back in after arguing they had to fit new to sort the problem. The mechanic (Toyota Alba, Piemonte) is a monkey in greasy overalls (he wrecked my Corolla gearbox - forgot to refill the oil on a service..).

HATE the gearbox. Sometimes it's worse than other times.

Agree with previous comments about the back bumper.

Still hate the buzzer - any ideas how I kill it?

Otherwise excellent. Drives really well - fast and not very expensive to run. Comfortable. Had back problems so the heated seats have been wonderful. Get leather - easy to clean. Looks wonderful. Just get an automatic if you can.

5th Jan 2008, 20:20

Love my 2007 Rav4 V6 limited 4x4. Can you imagine if we had real problems. Buzz can be eliminated by dealer. I have leather so I don't have dirt problem on the door. Buy a fold down bumper protector to sit on. Add aux,. lighting to the trunk area.

19th Jan 2009, 06:17

**UPDATE AT 60,000KM**

I tried to sell it but no inquiries.. Oh, well, I've learned to live with it. After the big problems were sorted it was a much better car. The one thing I still really hate every time I drive it is the gearbox. If you can get an auto, do it. Between 1st to 2nd gear now crunches unless you get the clutch right down and wait a second. It's a joke.

Otherwise OK. We fitted a device that improves economy and smoothness and that is great. We get 8L/100km. Not bad for a largish car. In north Italy we've had lots of snow this winter and it's been brilliant. Our neighbours were green with envy as their Pandas, Puntos and Mulitplas just wouldn't move.

I've also found a really good Toyota garage in Asti that did the service properly - the gearbox never fell out and they didn't use secondhand parts. Big improvement. While I would never buy a RAV again I might look at the new Avensis if they do an automatic.. But then again you can get a secondhand BMW free with cornflakes now (they're almost that cheap) so why waste money on a new car?

9th Jul 2010, 10:24

** UPDATE **

Finally part exchanged it for a Mk6 Golf. So glad to be rid of it. My advice - don't buy one. The VW is fantastic. Lost loads of money, but then Toyota announced all their build quality issues (and they're still coming with more), so it would be worthless now. Who wants a badly made, overpriced, gas-guzzling 4wd these days - especially if it's made by Toyota?!