29th Jan 2008, 22:18

Oh please! This person bought a 12 year old car used with 120,000k miles... This thing could have been badly abused by its previous owner... How can you call a battery, brake pad replacements, and an air filter problems? These are MAINTENANCE items. Also, the cigarette lighter is a sad excuse to hate the vehicle - probably a bad fuse which you got overcharged for. As to the burning smell coming off the freeway - maybe you should check to see if the timing belt and more importantly the water pump were replaced on time. In conclusion: You (the reviewer) failed to do your homework before purchasing this vehicle. You should have had it inspected by your own mechanic. By the way, I think the first gen rav4 (1995-2000) did not look good at all. I think Toyota cleaned up their act with the 2001 and newer models. The new V6 Sport is nice. But I agree with the previous comment saying that imports are overpriced.

1st Feb 2008, 16:56

To the guy who is looking to buy a GM SUV. Beware!. I have the Montana minivan from Pontiac; I know it's not an SUV, but it does have a truck engine. You should read all the bad things that happened to them (on this site), especially the engine. I doubt their SUVs have any better record.

16th Mar 2008, 06:58

I saw what added up to not even $2,000 for this older, high-mileage vehicle, yet the owner says $8,000. I would like to see what else cost the additional $6,000 please. If you are counting gasoline, then that is pretty cheap for a car this age with the mileage stated.

To the guy purchasing a GM SUV; yeah a Tahoe/Yukon is pretty reliable, but have fun filling them up! A TrailBlazer/Envoy will not be able to go much past 75,000 miles without some hefty repairs, and the Tracker? Please. The new Acadia would be an excellent choice, but we are talking about a completely different class of vehicle.

19th May 2010, 03:29

I have to agree with one of the earlier posters... you were severely overcharged for service on your vehicle. If you haven't already, buy an OBD II reader to diagnose your own "engine service light " issues. The vehicle already has its own diagnostic system. I have owned several domestic vehicles, and they were all horrendous when compared to the imports I replaced them with. My Mustang, my Daytona, my Neon, my Thunderbird, my Crown Victoria... they all ended up with expensive engine issues and the build quality was poor compared with imports they competed with.

I admit, I drive all of my cars like I'm in a rally race, and since 1996 my Rav-4 has been wonderful. It's been driven cross-country twice. A perfect balance of engineering.

I also have a 1987 Honda CRX, and I feel the same about that car. As old as it is, to sit in it and to look at its design and to drive it, you wouldn't think it was as old as it is. The newer domestic vehicles emerging seem to elude that our American car makers are finally "getting in the game", but if you were lucky enough to see a decent running domestic vehicle from 1996 or 1987, like the two imports I currently own, the domestics would drive and look like they were a 100 years old.

I'd love to give domestics a try again, but I won't pay an import price for the privilege. They haven't earned my trust back yet.