17th Oct 2010, 10:07

"Comment 08:37 Oct 14.

"follow the rest of the flock if you will"

I don't follow anybody, I do what satisfies me, and that is purchase Ford products like my 05 Escape, which again has nothing to do with the unreliability of the Toyota RAV, which is the vehicle this review is about.

There is no need to criticize other people's comments or their vehicle of choice; if they are happy with GM or Ford, so be it. Let them live in peace. If you prefer Toyota and it treats you good, then that's good for you."

Have you even read any other threads on this site? This is the basis for virtually every thread on here... people saying "my brand is better than yours". Believe me, I wish people would comment based on FACTS from their actual experience with car brands instead of stories they read on the internet and ratings lists. We would have a lot more useful information then wouldn't we?

18th Oct 2010, 10:53

"Oh, the Nissan company told you to take a hike, I'm so sorry, but it still sounds shady."

Shady in what way... like I am making it up? Gee I would really waste time doing that! Please, go buy Nissan products and hope and pray you never have any issues with them. Do a little research on Nissan to see many many other stories of just how bad they are when it comes time to back their vehicles.

18th Oct 2010, 11:15


The FACT that you are stating is no longer true, Toyotas are not what they used to be..."

What are you even talking about? Did you read my post? The fact is, few of you even have any real experience with Toyota, and you make your judgments based on stories from the media and ratings companies. I base my facts on ownership. Toyotas have been much less prone to failure and extra repair costs for me. This is a fact. I have actually owned them, driven them, and lived with them as my transportation. They are far more reliable then anything domestic in my experience. Does that mean they are better overall? NO! It is just the facts based on my personal experience. Keep it straight. If you drive a Chevy and it goes for 200K miles with no issues then I guess the Chevy is your best bet. Same for Ford, Honda, Subaru... etc, etc.

What annoys me is the people that come on here and say Toyota is trash when they've obviously never owned one. They listen to any source they can find on the internet. Thing is, you can find bad articles about every brand of car, so this doesn't really make sense. GM, Ford, Chrysler all had their recall stories over the past few decades but the focus is on Toyota right now. Funny how that works... the media is a wonderful thing isn't it?

Sorry, but I am sticking with what works for me. I have never had a sludging problem with any Toyota, have never had a recalled part fixed because I've never needed one (and never heard of any other Toyota owners that I know that needed anything fixed from the infamous recalls). This site was constructed for the purpose of reviewing cars that you actually own and not going on about things you speculate to be wrong with cars you've never even driven. Yes, there are people on here that have actual experience, but not all of these negative posts originated that way. Every last post I have written has been based on actual experience with good and bad brands. I have started multiple threads on a variety of cars and only comment on what I know to be truth from my own experience.

I just wish everyone else would do the same and stop trying to win some car battle!