9th Jun 2012, 19:03

We have a 2001 Sequoia 4x4 limited that we also bought new in Dallas. It has 136,000 miles on it now, and we have had minimal problems. We also towed a 5500lbs trailer for many years with no problem.

First, I replaced ALL my oils to highest grade of synthetic just after I bought the vehicles (3k miles). Change my engine oil every 10k with Royal Purple, and also changed ATF again at 100k with Royal Purple. Also replaced the differential oils with synthetic. This cost me a pretty penny, but has been worth it.

Replaced tires twice. Normal wear.

Replaced back door latch twice. A plastic piece that gets brittle. I understand replacing it, but the cost was ridiculous.

Replaced front brake pads at 63k, and then all brake pads and turned rotors at 100k. No other problems... fingers crossed.

Replaced timing belt at 100k. Water pump was fine so I left it alone. Also replaced serpentine belt. This is when I did the ATF again with synthetic.

Just replaced the starter two days ago.

I also did spark plugs twice, coolant replaced once, and flushed the brake fluid.

I love the SUV, but I'm a bit worried it might be getting too old. The interior is going down hill. The front speakers stopped working, but I just use the back ones. The back window won't go down, but I didn't really use it before. My side windows is starting to act up, my D light is burned out, and the Mode button just broke. I think the plastics are just wearing out.

You have to remember, the SUV is 11 years old with 136,000 miles. I've never had a car this old or with this many miles.

7th Oct 2012, 23:24

Have a 2001 that I have owned for 6 years. Bought it with 109,000, and now have 190,000. Shortly after buying, the engine light came on. Code says catalytic converters. Replaced both cats as well as O2 sensor, but the light is still on. Back hatch handle has broken twice. Park and Drive lights out. Finally, will have to replace the rotors for the THIRD time (which is why I came looking... glad I found this problem). Will talk with a mechanic about larger brake components. Other than that, very nice, comfortable car!

29th Feb 2016, 19:12

Bought my Toyota Sequoia 2001 new, love the car but... at 120K miles:

Frame rotted and had to be replaced.

Rack and pinion went at 75K.

Brakes every 20K miles.

VSC malfunctions while driving since 100K.

Brake cylinder went early on.

Replaced back door latch at $500 plus x 3 manifold head gaskets shot at 40K miles = $3300.

I still have the Sequoia and prefer it to my Jeep and my new Pilot, but the issues were major.