22nd Mar 2005, 20:23

I also have a 2002 Sequoia SR5, and I am pretty disappointed with it. I had a '95 4Runner that was AWESOME, so I expected the same quality with the Sequoia (or better considering it's $10k more!) In two years, we've had: a completely new brake system installed, completely new A/C unit, a new amp for the stereo, replaced the traction control computer, brake booster (after the entire brake system), steering mechanism & airbag unit, replace axle seals, replace oil pressure sending unit, rear wiper assembly, and now it's back in the shop for a "crunching noise" in the steering wheel.

I have never had an extended warranty on a car before, but you better believe I'm spending the extra cash to make sure this lemon is covered!

8th Apr 2005, 10:49

I've owned several Toyota cars and never had any problems. However, my 2002 Sequoia SR5, 2WD has a serious issue with brake vibrations. The Toyota dealer says there is a Toyota Service Bulletin that says I must replace all components of the brake system which is very expensive. If it were still under warranty the cost would be covered. Has anyone else had this issue?

6th Jan 2006, 09:48

I do not believe all of that from Toyota.I've had plenty of Toyota's and never had that kind of problems.

24th Feb 2006, 08:25

I also have experienced the problem of no response when slowing almost to a stop to take a right turn. This has only happened once on a recently purchased, used '03 Sequoia. What came of your dealer inquiries? Please e-mail me...


23rd Jul 2006, 09:12

I have read about Sequoia recall issues on several sites, and am amazed at some of the issues that I was not aware of before now.

I have a 2001 Sequoia LE with 53K miles and have never had it in the shop except for required dealer servicing during the warranty time period. Since then, I do all my own servicing and repairs. I have had zero problems with any major system or component, and consider this vehicle to be the best I have ever owned.

Right now, however, I do need to have my rotors turned, as there is a vibration during braking. I do not consider this a defect, just normal wear. I will complete this repair myself, as I have had the same problem on every car I have owned and the fix is the same. Not a defect.

I will offer this opinion, though, on servicing any car – find a reputable independent garage and take your cars there instead of the dealer. Over the years with all my new cars, I have had problems with dealer servicing departments that I will categorize as intentional sabotage. By this, I mean they fix something minor on the car to eventually fail, thus requiring the car to be brought back in for additional servicing or repairs. Built-in repeat business. I know I can’t absolutely prove this theory. However, I know enough about cars, having done many major repairs on all my vehicles over the past 40 years, to know when something that should have been noticed by any competent mechanic, is either conveniently overlooked, or just plain staged to bring in repeat business to the service department.

I expect there will be replies to my theory from dealer mechanics, but we all know there are incompetent and unscrupulous mechanics in the car repair business - - dealers included. There are dealers who have excellent service departments, as well, and my comments are not meant to impugn the entire industry. I have been burned more than once by service departments I had every right to trust, so I’m overly cautious.

3rd Sep 2007, 15:01

I bought a 2002 Sequoia in March of 2002. It now has almost 70,000 miles on it, and still drives and looks like a new car. I haven't had any significant issues with it, other than a leak in the back door, which was repaired at no cost to me. Great car.

22nd Oct 2007, 19:22

We have an '02 SR5. For a few months, we've noticed the "lurking" sensation as you are driving. Thought this was "normal" for a large engine. Until the check engine light came on. Dealer is saying we need a new torque converter and that will require total transmission labor to repair. Dealer estimate of $3800. I never expected this kind of repair early on (66,000) with a Toyota. Not happy.

1st Apr 2008, 12:49

We bought a used 02 Sequoia Limited in 2004 with 32,000 miles. Since then, we have had the rear seal fixed three times. The last time (12 months ago) they also had to replace the brakes and rotors. It was out of warranty, but Toyota split the cost which was still over $1200.

We've replaced the rear door latch as well as the driver's door handle. Both cracked.

Now the check engine light is on. It's out of warranty and I'm afraid to take it for service.

4th May 2008, 19:22

I purchased a 2002 Seq from the dealer in 2003. Since then this car has given me many problems.

The suspension is shot and it sounds like a wagon. I have had to have two ignition coil cylinders replaced at $400 ea. $300 of that was labor.

The brakes (Toyota brand) last about two months no matter who puts them on. About two months ago I pulled up at a red light and car refused to move. I recranked and it went about 50 feet. No check engine light was on.

I took it to a personal shop who replaced transmission fluid and filter and it was fine. This Friday it begans making noise like air is coming into motor. Saturday morning I'm on my way to work and transmission completely goes out.

This car sucks big time. I really feel that Toyota is just running off an old reputation because the quality is not there.

I won't even mention all the buttons, knobs and such that have cracked or fallen off in the interior of the car.

3rd Jul 2008, 09:57

I have a 2001 Toyota Sequoia LE 4x2 that we bought new for $43,000. It is a disgrace to the Toyota brand! We had to have the front brakes replaced, including the rotors, with less than 10,000 miles. The AC when out at 53,000 miles and we had to replace the complete system. The Traction Control lights have been coming on for years for no apparent reason. I have to engage the Overdrive almost every time I start the vehicle. The ignition does not work properly; I now leave a key in the ignition and lock the vehicle with another. The check engine light came on and was told the problem was a solenoid in the transmission. Yesterday, when exiting the interstate the car stalled out at the traffic light; the torque converter has gone out. This is not Toyota reliability.

I loved my 1998 4Runner and the 1999 Camry, but hate the 2001 Sequoia.

19th Jun 2009, 15:27

My 2002 Toyota Sequoia is not as good as I expected for Toyota's reputation.

I have a 2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 4x4. I should say it is a good SUV for family. But on the other hand, it is not as good as a Toyota should be. So far there are several extra fix besides normal maintenance:

1) Right after warranty period passed, the low bolt join was leaking oil. It cost me $500 to fix it.

2) Then front sway bar broken, $250 to fix it.

3) Squeaking noise on front end. Change a drum like part (forgot the name of the parts) and drive belt. Cost $450.

4) At 90000 miles, check engine light on. Dealer changed oxygen sensor, $264 +tax.

5) Engine oil pressure gauge show low pressure, sometime goes to 0. Dealer changed oil pressure sensor, $194 + tax.

With Toyota's good reputation in the past, this SUV apparently is not meed the standard. Kind disappointed with Toyota.