2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 4.7L V8 from North America


Priced to high for the problems


I read another review someone wrote and I agree.

My transmission seems to lunge into second and third gear and my brake vibrate something awful.

General Comments:

This car is enjoyable although I have those few troubles.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2004

29th Oct 2006, 21:49

Regarding your brakes vibrating, have you considered having the rotors turned? At least take it in and have a qualified mechanic look at the brakes. Most likely the rotors are warped and just need to be turned. This is not an expensive procedure.

2002 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4x4 5.7 from North America


Super SUV!


Rear wiper stopped working.

Rear defroster stopped working.

General Comments:

This has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned.

I have not had it in the shop, but one time in 52500 miles.

Total cost of all repairs has been $35.

The only thing I have done is replaced the tires and changed the oil.

My only complaint is that it lacks a NAV system and is not "plush" enough.

If you want a SUV that eats up the highway with little effort, this is the one.

The only other negative things I have with it are poor gas mileage, and the clock is set too low to be of much use.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2004

2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 V8 from North America


Not worth the money


Transmission went out. It seemed to race or skip gears on occasion. It was so intermittent that it was hard to identify, until the check engine light went on. Dealer replaced transmission.

Brakes went out, vibrating. Brake were replaced by dealer, in June 2003.

Booster was needed for the brakes. Dealer replaced in October 2003.

Driver's side door handle cracked and needed replacement.

In February 2004 new brake pads needed, only six months later and less than 9,000 miles later.

February 2004 check engine light goes on again, problem to be identified.

General Comments:

Third seat is handy and the ride is nice, however, not sure it's worth the money. I would seriously hesitate in buying this car again. Not sure if I got a lemon, just wish it were reliable. This last trip to the dealer makes for the sixth time it has been in the shop.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2004

28th Sep 2004, 22:34

It sounds like your dealer handled all the needed repairs professionally. No car is perfect. I've been in the automotive repair business (not Toyota) for 25 years. You would be amazed at all the issues we see in new vehicles. I will not expose my brand, but I can tell you its European and very far from perfect. The dealer and manufactures responsiveness is what really matters. Owners expectations seem to rise with the ever growing vehicle complexity and price. This is understandable, but not always met. It sounds like you are dealing with relatively minor issues. Trust me, it could be far worse!

2002 Toyota Sequoia Limited V8 from North America


An expensive unreliable vehicle


It shakes while driving.

It feels like something is dragging.

It often goes dead when I apply the brakes.

Driving at a speed of 40 or higher will cause the vehicle to shake.

It sounds like something is about to fall from underneath the vehicle while driving it.

General Comments:

We love the comfort and room that the Sequoia affords.

However, as we never know if we will make it to our final destination, this causes us to fell ill at ease.

This car is not very reliable.

I don't feel safe in it at all.

It leaves us wondering what will happen next.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2003

28th Sep 2006, 15:08

If you vehicle starts shaking at 40 MPH and up, I would look at your wheel balance. I fought with this for sometime before it was finally resolved. Oddly, it took a random trip to Tires Plus to remedy the problem. Apparently there is a special adapter (cone) the fits the aluminum wheels on the Sequoia which most places do not seem to have. Even the tire place that my local Toyota dealer farms their tire work out to didn't have the right part.

Call around and specifically ask if they can balance Toyota Sequoia wheels, while mentioning the problems you have had.