2006 Toyota Sienna LE 3.3V6 from North America


We love our baby to death, and you will too!!


Not one thing wrong with it!

General Comments:

This is our 3rd Sienna. We truly love these vans! We traded our 2003 Sienna for this one, and we can honestly say that Toyota has done a tremendous job of building excellent minivans.

Our 2003 Sienna LE was a great family minivan, and this one just adds on to what was a great family minivan, and is even better.

This one is a Blue Mirage Metallic one, and has the hubcaps, not the optional alloy wheels. My husband and our 3 kids and our 2 beagle dogs adore this one. It handles excellent, rides that way, and is great on the road. It is way more versatile than our 2 previous versions of the Sienna. Plus, it is much more roomier than those 2.

To be honest with you, a lot of our friends are definitely trading in their Chrysler minivans just to get one of these. Same thing goes for some of our family members.

So if you in the market for a minivan, you owe it to yourself to see your nearest Toyota dealer and look at one of these minivans. Chances are that you will think twice before looking at the Chrysler minivans, and buying one of these.

These minivans are definitely giving the Chrysler minivans a run for their money. There are so many of the 2006 models on the road as we speak. These will definitely outseat the Chrysler minivans as the best selling minivans soon, we hope!

So buy one, and you will make it your loyal family friendly, kid friendly, and dog friendly minivan for life.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2006

13th Feb 2007, 03:07

I lost the fever after a 2 years of driving on deteriorate roads. Rattles and suspension issues took over. My dealer have replaced numerous bushings to softened the ride, but the structure was affected.

24th Mar 2007, 12:37

One of the best dealer or Toyota employee written reviews

I've read. Some of it right out of the brochure, very good.

2006 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited AWD 3.3V6 from North America


Other than the problematic run flat tires, we just love this family friendly minivan to death!!


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

When my wife and I saw this van, we definitely fell in love with it. Our Sienna XLE limited is silver shadow in color with the grey leather interior.

Ours has every option that Toyota could ever imagine in it. Everything from the DVD Entertainment system to the power folding third row seating, this van has it.

How do we like this van? Well, we just love it a lot! It rides like a dream, handles great, and is pretty good on gas, despite its 6 cylinder motor. The versatility of this van is just wonderful. We can take our kids on road trips, and they have a ball with it. It's great for when you have to do a lot of shopping because with all of the seats in place, you can easily put a weeks worth of goodies behind the 3rd row of seats. With the second row seats removed, and the 3rd row seats stowed, you can easily use this as a flea market or as a garage sale vheicle to buy your cool findings.

There is a down side to this van, and it concerns those dreaded run flat tires. I know quite a few people who own Sienna's with the run flat tires, and they too have a disliking to the tires like we do. Why did Toyota ever think of putting such not so good run flat tires on a minivan that has quite a loyal following? What were they thinking? My wife and I have complained to our local Toyota dealer about this problem.

Their response? We are not alone with the same problem with the run flat tires. This van rides great with them for now. However, once we start having problems with these tires, I will easily take the van back to the Toyota dealer and have then put better tires on it. If they give me a hard time, then we will take the van, and put better run flat tires on it ourselves.

Other than the tire problem, we automatically and strongly recommend buying one of these vans. You and your family will automatically make this van your family friend and will love it dearly like we do. Just test drive one, and you will buy one quickly.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2006

16th Apr 2007, 07:47

I agree, that we love our 2006 AWD Sienna minivan. But, I have had and am in the midst of issues with the run-flat tires and the low tire pressure indicator system. It began at my 5000 mile service when I was told that my vehicle was completely out of alignment and all four tires were shot. Toyota fixed this problem and replaced all four tires, but it took an axle replacement a two day stay for me in a hotel room (I live 3 hours from my dealer). After the hotel cost, they ended up sending me home in a loaner while they continued to try to resolve the alignment. In the end, I was told that the alignment issue had to do with the car being improperly tied down to the car carrier.

This past December I had a flat due to a rock in the sidewall. It took me a couple of days to figure out why I was hearing road noise as the low tire indicator did not come on. It was not until the car began pulling significantly, that I put the pieces together to indicate a tire. The tire was repaired, but, there are no tire shops within a 50 mile radius of my rural home that can deal with these tires.

Now, in April, I have two more road hazard flats in the tread area and they tell me my tires are not repairable. These are some FRAGILE tires. I have never in all of my years of driving had this many flats. The dealership I took the vehicle to for repair was completely unaware of the Dunlop warranty on the tires or the Toyota Service bulletins on these tires. I left the dealership nearly in tears at the cost of replacing two tires. Through determination and frustration, I began making phone calls to the dealership I purchased the vehicle from, Toyota National Care, and then to Dunlap. These calls and research on the internet are how I have discovered a multitude of issues with these tires and the possible remedies. I am not done yet.

Though we love the vehicle, and previously had a '94 Toyota Landcruiser running strong at over $185,000 miles, we will think again about purchasing from Toyota in the future.