14th Jan 2007, 08:37

5:18...another overprotective Toyota owner??? The orig. reviewer indicated he had 3 receipts and was taking it back in. I save all of my receipts and it seems a battle even with proof nowadays. During a warranty period my cars go to the dealer only so theres absolutely no doubt with who touched it. It's not always the owners fault... blame the vehicle and who manufacturers it.

23rd Jan 2007, 13:42

I own a 200 Sienna XLE. Around 70K miles, the sludge problem developed. I purchased the van used and had only records of my service visits, however, the dealer replaced the engine block and rebuilt the rest at no (almost) expense to me. I was pleasantly surprised even though I was without my van for almost 2 months... Toyota gets kudos for this one...

I now have over 100K on the van with no further sign of sludge problems. I do have a problem with the power door... the sucker quit working and my kids are the only ones small enough to fit through the crack when the door is "heaved" open. If there is a fix for this one, I'd like to hear it.


12th Feb 2007, 21:18

Toyota has acknowledged a problem with sludge buildup in the Sienna Minivan's 6 Cyl motor. I have read it is an engine design problem that was fixed for the 2003 model year. Something having to do with the head being too cool and allowing the oil to sludge as well as insufficient holes to return the oil to the oil pan.


20th Feb 2007, 09:18

There's a jerky feeling to the car. It just keeps making constant jerks when you accelerate. I talked to the Shop about the problem and they took a look at it and said the tire's belt broke, so we bought a new front right tire. We drove and it still did it, so we went back to the shop and then they said, "oh hay the tire rod is loose." The tire rod was in fact loose, so we bought that, but that didn't solve the problem. I got mad so we went to the shop again explained that it was still doing it, so the Service people looked continuously at the car making sure that everything was aligned, straight, and the axle wasn't bent, and they found out that they could see that everything was in fact in order. We were so mad when we found out that the Toyota Sienna XL was in fact making the same jerking feeling in the car, it got so bad that it made a sound like a flat tire, so we were going to change the left tire, because it sounded flat, and we found out that the bolts on the tire was loose, so we were like ah we could have died or something like that because we were on the free way. Any way we fixed that and the car wasn't making the flat tire noise. Later we found out that the piston rod was broke in our car so we can't drive our car till that's fixed. The reason I'm writing is because, what would cause it to shake like that? (illuminating the other features above)

28th Feb 2007, 11:38

I own a 2000 Sienna LE purchased new, now has 127,000 miles, and I have not had any of the sludge problems that have been reported. I have always done my own maintenance every 3000 miles including oil filter every time. I have always used the same brand and weight of oil for every change. I contend that the sludge problem is mostly caused by switching brands of oil and waiting too long between changes. This is usually a result of jumping around between quick lube joints and using "house brand" oil. I don't deny that the result of this practice can be magnified by the engine design as stated in an earlier post above. Interestingly, I too had the CD player start skipping a few years ago. I just put in a new radio purchased locally, way less than $300. That worked out better anyway since my new radio has a front AUX port for the DVD player and I-POD and no more using that stupid RF modulator on the antenna. And now it plays MP3 Cd's so I'm happy.

13th Mar 2007, 08:25

We have a 2000 XLE, approximately 85k. How do I tell I have sludge? We got all the,major maintenance done, change oil at Kwick Kar every 3000 miles and have all the receipts. We are out of warranty. We did have a bad Radio/vcr player. They replaced them 3 times during my warranty period (I paid for an extended warranty that just expired)

My remote died, any suggestions on how to fix it?

13th Mar 2007, 11:23

Keep changing your oil around 3k.I have 190k on my v-6 with no problems. Most of the oil change places now either suck the oil out of the dipstick or offer a service to do so. Sucking the oil vs. letting it drain is a better way and removes the sludge or gunk let over. We recently received a notice of a class action lawsuit about the oil sludging problem. Me and my wife laughed because of the mileage of our vehicle. The people getting rich on this issue is the lawyers.

The remote issue:Batteries?

5th Jul 2007, 11:34

I have a 2000 LE with 120K+ miles on it. So far, I have no problems at all other than items that are expected to wear out like battery, tires, and brakes. I change the oil around 7K miles with Mobil 1 since new and the engine is clean and runs great. I change out all the fluid every 2-3 years. As well, I drive the van gently. So far so good and looking to get at least 250K miles out of it.

6th Mar 2008, 14:02

Just took my 2000 XLE in with a oil light going off. I checked oil, plenty. The dealer told me of the sludge issue.. he further stated it was inches thick in my motor and headed for a massive failure. Toyota was contacted and approved a rebuild of the engine. I've owned 7 Toyota's in a row and have liked the Sienna so far... thanks to Toyota for making it right.

17th Mar 2008, 19:42

We bought a 2000 Sienna from a Toyota dealership in 2002. It had 47000 miles on it and came with the 100000 miles or 6 year warranty.

We got it serviced regularly and oil changes every 3000 miles, but at 82000 miles we had complete transmission failure. As it was under warranty it was repaired.

July of 2007 we had a Toyota dealership replace a gasket that was leaking on the transmission pan.

In February 2008 we noticed the car was not shifting when it should sometimes, and took it in to the dealership. First they said there was too much transmission fluid and we reminded them they were the last to service the transmission. They said they drained a quart, but the computer said we needed a new solenoid. They gave us the car back while they ordered the part.

On the way home the car was acting so bad; I was afraid it wouldn't make it. We had it towed back and now are told we need a new transmission. We are at 182000 miles but we have never pulled anything or carried heavy loads. We've never had a car that needed one transmission and this one needs a third? How can this be???

24th Aug 2008, 01:54

Hi, I am about to buy a pre-owned 2000 Sienna XLE and would like to know the things I should check before.

Looking at previous comments I could list.

1. Sludge check

2. Transmission check

3. Timing belt/Brakes/tyres.

Anything important check, I'm I missing?

12th Sep 2009, 18:39

I have had my 2003 Toyota Sienna since new. It has 107k miles now. Still running good, but a horrible moldy smell from some where. I have cleaned everything. Only problem I have had previously was had rotors replaced very early on.

27th Nov 2009, 14:02

My 2000 CE is now in the shop for an AT rebuild... at 217,000 miles. Engine has remained flawless, but I do a lot of highway driving. I change oil every 10K using Wal-Mart's synthetic and a Fram filter. Does the job. I'm pretty angry that the AT is going out, but everyone's going to tell me that, at this mileage, I should expect something. Well, I do, I expect this Sienna to life up to it's Toyota pedigree. I treat it right and expect the same in return. 10 years? 217k miles? And it's already breaking down? What next, the AC compressor? I've only had it paid off for five years, what the hell?

9th Nov 2010, 13:29

2000 Toyota Sienna CE.

I had a "sludge" issue a few years ago, the dealer cleaned engine when I paid for an oil change and told me about the problem. Today it wouldn't accelerate - I drove it to a MasterCare place and they were unaware of sludge issue.

I am going to take it into the dealer and see what they say - I have 102K miles on it - not sure if mine is covered under the sludge lawsuit or not.