1999 Toyota Solara SE 3.0 V6 four cam 24 valve from North America


Great car


I've had car over 2 years and never had any problems besides with the battery, and the alternator went out along with the main fuse.

I use full synthetic oil; it's been 7,600 miles since the last oil change; nice and clean, still very fast. I've done can work and computer work; it will run well past the 140 on dash. It's a very nice, smooth, fast running car; it has well over 300xxx and still runs like it did new.

My mom owned it before I did, I've done all the maintenance to it; changed pads and rotors, but no telling when the last time that was. New exhaust, a timing chain, seals, beefed up cams and studded heads, runs nice.

I will definitely keep it till the wheels fall off; one of the best cars I've ever owned.

General Comments:

Great car, wish it was a 5 speed though.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2017

1999 Toyota Solara SE 3.0 V6 from North America


Nice car and well designed even at 17 years of age


The car does have 180,000 miles on it, so maintenance is required. I have replaced the starter, timing belt, water pump, all 4 shocks and struts, rear brakes, and the valve cover gasket. The cars runs great and I average 25 MPG combined.

General Comments:

This car still performs with style and class. The V6 engine is sweet and purrs on the highways. Nice and comfortable interior with a nice upscale fit and finish.

I am the second owner of this car, but it was well taken care of and I will continue to maintain this Solara as long as I own it.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2016

1999 Toyota Solara SLE 3.0 V6 petrol from North America


An Unreliable Toyota


Almost everything. I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on this car.

Suspension was replaced once and broke again 50k later.

Engine leaked a lot of oil.

Replaced oxygen sensors like no tomorrow (around 6 times altogether).

Replaced 3 heat sensors.

Replaced the exhaust every 2-3 years.

Exhaust fumes leaked into the cabin.

Exhaust fell off while driving.

Exhaust manifold started to rust, causing more wear to the engine.

Air conditioner condenser blew several times.

EGR valve started to choke the engine, so I had that replaced.

General Comments:

The car was great in the first 7 years of ownership, it gave little to no problems, other than suspension components failing and several battery and alternator related issues. It somewhat questions me whether Toyota's are actually as reliable as they are said to be. My old Mercedes-Benz 300E was superb, and I owned it for nearly 15 years and it never gave me a problem!

Other than the countless number of problems this car gave me, the car was extremely smooth and drove like a dream. This was by-far the best highway car I've ever owned. It drove absolutely amazingly on the freeway as I drove it from coast to coast.

The interior was quite dull and matched the interior of a Camry, but it had some additional finishing touches that made it different. I loved the exterior styling on this car though.

People I knew called my car a coffin on wheels because of the endless number of issues it gave me.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2015

4th Jul 2016, 11:13

Why keep a vehicle like this? Rather than spend thousands on repairs plus the initial purchase price, I would just take the beating. This sounds like an unending money pit. I had an Acura like this. Lost 24k in 3 years; some of that was depreciation. Besides the money, it's a total waste of time going back and forth to the dealer. Everyone knows you by your first name. The only upside was the free car washes and Snapple. No doubt reflected on the final bill. This sounds worse. It would be gone in year one of ownership for us.