14th Jun 2004, 17:05

I drive a 2001 Solara SLE. And it rides better than most cars I've driven, and just as well as any lexus or mercedes that I have driven. Also my mom purchased a 2004 SLE and it's performance and power remain at the top of all the other cars in this sporty/coupe category.

4th Jul 2004, 18:20

Have a 2000 Solara V6 Manual. No wandering. No problems whatsoever. It is a little underpowered due to gearing changes compared to our 1992 V6 Camry sedan. You must have a lemon or a car that has been damaged. Perhaps a collision or damage during shipping. Have another dealer check it out. I am at 70,000 km or about 42,000 miles and no warranty work at all. Did have a rear brake caliper freeze and had to replace rear pads. Too much snow and I went too long without having the rear discs cleaned and lubed.

30th Mar 2005, 16:17

I have a 2003 Camry XLE and it has the same problem drifting to the left. I have had 2 dealers check the alignment, swap front tires and test drive it and they say it's not a problem. I love everything else about the car and have 30k miles on it. It's not so bad that I would get rid of it, but I agree, Toyota's not fessing up to the issue.

20th Jul 2005, 09:24

I have a 2001 Solara and it has always pulled to the left even after I had the car aligned and tires replaced. Just yesterday at 104,000 miles the right rear lower control arm busted rendering the car undriveable. Of course, this happens after the Certified Extended Warranty expired at 100,000 miles. The car was not subjected to any unusual driving conditions. I put the car in reverse and when I backed up it made a noise like I hit something. Of course I didn't hit anything the lower control arm came apart. I cannot believe this happened to a Toyota made product. I'm very disappointed, but thankful this didn't happen when I was on the highway.

18th Dec 2005, 17:40

Hello Forum, I have a 2002 Toyota Solara SE. When I am driving on regular city streets, I can lift both of my hands off of the steering wheel and the car will ride straight. For example, I drove straight through two intersections without touching the steering wheel earlier today. This is not something that I normally do, but I was concerned about the pulling to the left. Every once in a while, I test to see if I need an alignment before going in to pay for it. When I am on the highway driving over 55K, the car pulls to the left slightly. This is annoying, but I deal with it.



3rd Apr 2006, 16:20

Assuming the other guy's insurance is paying for it I would force the shop to fix it until it's right. The real issue (besides the obvious) is that your car may ultimately not able to pass inspection depending on how strict your state is.

9th Dec 2006, 18:15

Strange...I have the same exact car (2001 V6 Manual) with more miles and it doesn't have any problems with the steering. It tracks perfectly straight down the highway.

18th Dec 2006, 08:43

I have a 2001 Solara SLE that was having a intermittent problem of uncontrollable steering wheel at 65mph-70mph highway driving only. After replacing brakes, rotors and balancing every 6 months to a year since I owned the car, Toyota looked into the cause of the problem. Apparently, the rod in the brake booster was rusted/corroded. The brakes were coming on while I was fighting it driving a high speed which caused the steering wheel to shake. The car has 67000 miles on it and this problem apparently was never seen before (according to Toyota). I had to replace a caliper, new brakes (again) and resurface the rotors.. then I had to replace the master cylinder, brake booster - total cost $2200. After looking at my records I noticed that I had brought the car back to Toyota after 18 days for the exact same symptoms. I believe that rod has been gradually rusting over the three years that I have owned the car. I am fighting with Toyota trying to get a refund since the car had the problem from the time I purchased. (purchased a 2001 in 2003 with 15600mi on it)

Has anyone else had this problem?

19th Jan 2007, 07:51

I am the original owner of 2002 Toyota Solara Convertible (60K) and the car has always pulled to the left. I also returned the car to the dealership on two occasions at low mileage (5-7K) due to a front end shimmy. No real resolution yet. Found the fact that others have this same issue interesting.

14th May 2007, 10:53

I have a 2000 Toyota Solara and it shakes during 40-60 miles on the speedometer. I am wondering if the car needs an alighment or if something else. I just had the front brakes and rear brakes replaced and have not seen any improvement. I am still waiting on Toyota to consider the class action settlement regarding the "oil" gel issue. Toyota is not helpful at all! I am also thinking of contacting the BBB and file a complaint.

22nd Jun 2007, 17:18

I have a 2001 Toyota Solara v6 manual, and the car is wonderful in every way. I am the second owner of the car, I bought the car with 27,000 miles on it, and it now has 80,000 miles on it. I do preventive maintenance on the car, I use synthetic oil in the transmission and in the motor. I have a k&n air filter for better fuel mileage, this car at 80,000 miles feels like it is just breaking in. The next thing I plan on doing is replacing the struts on the car, because it has become a little floaty over dips and curvy roads. That is to be expected the pros say you should change them at 50,000 anyway, other than that I would not change a thing, it is a Lexus in Toyota clothing and that is a very good thing.

2nd Aug 2010, 10:39

I've owned my 2001 Solara since I purchased it new in April 2001. I haven't had any real problems with it (I've had all of the normal maintenance, wear & tear stuff done), until about 1 1/2 or 2 years ago.

My wife & I were out of town and were turning around at a strip mall shopping center when the steering locked up. It had just rained extremely heavily and there was a lot of surface water on the road. I just assumed that perhaps the power steering drive belt got wet and was slipping (although I didn't hear any squealing). After that the steering seemed OK.

Then about a year ago, I started noticing the problem more regularly, mostly while "un-parking" the car from a parallel parking spot. I can back up OK, but when I steer the car to begin driving, the steering locks up & I have to stop, back up again, & "steer out of it."

Anyone else have this kind of steering problem? I have 115,000 miles on the car. I know that Toyota has done a recent recall on cracked steering boxes on certain models. I had a '76 Celica one time that developed a crack in the manual transmission casting at about 80 or 90,000 miles.

29th May 2011, 20:42

If you fix it yourself, then you save money, Autoparts warehouse sells clutch master cylinders for 2001 Toyota Solara for $38.00. You spent too much, should have researched the part prices more and bought a do it yourself manual. LOL.

Tired and frustrated... Under the dash removal is some task...

3rd Jul 2015, 19:47

Yup, the Camry Solara pulls to the left when accelerating. Drifts to the right when decelerating.

3rd Jul 2015, 19:50

No, the straight line drifting is not a lemon issue. My 2002 Camry Solara does it too... regardless of the tires. It's a quirk that many front wheel drive cars have. Just be sure to test for it on your next car before buying it if it's a big deal.

15th Jul 2015, 00:42

Upper "dog bone" motor mount was replaced a year ago.

16th Sep 2015, 00:22

Did anyone have a resolution to this? I have the same year... same model... same problem. Thank you!

28th Oct 2016, 07:39

I feel that maybe a rear wheel alignment may correct the side drift.