11th Aug 2002, 10:32

I own a 1987 2.0lt with a performance air filter, sports exhaust. does 95mph and returns 28mpg with myself the wife and six kids on board. but I service it every 5000 miles with new plugs and a carb clean. looked after they are excellent vehicles.

14th Mar 2003, 15:19

Purchased my Toyota in 1989, 2 liter manual, 1,700 miles on clock when purchased has now done 130,000 and has never let me down, because of this I am now buying a Japanese Toyota Town Ace Import, if half as good and the space, it will be excellent.

1st Jun 2003, 14:57

I have a 1989 Automatic 2.0 litre and it has started rusting a couple of years ago. Very reliable, but drinks petrol, 18 mpg around town and 25 mpg on a run. Spares are twice that of Ford and sometimes a lot more. Brilliant workhorse, but now I can't afford to run it.

3rd Oct 2005, 08:24

I own a 1989 manual petrol. and yes I agree it drinks like a fish mine only does about 10 mpg and I am having to sell it because its just too costly to run, I will miss it though its been great to get my 3 kids in and my 2 large dogs.

9th Jul 2006, 06:18

We bought our Spacecruiser new in December 1989. To date, it has travelled 222,000 miles on a single (petrol) engine and runs as well as ever. We have had it regulary serviced, and have travelled around Europe, Finland and Sweden 5 times now: the first time with 4 teenagers and all luggage for 3 weeks in 1999.

It isn't fast, but it is easy to drive, and still averages 25mpg on a run. We live by the sea and have spent quite a lot of money on the body, but we enjoy driving it, and it is very reliable.

When we bought it the children (4) were very young and its called "Daisy" - a very basic, very special vehicle!

10th Oct 2006, 08:35

I have a 1986 Space Cruiser with 191,000 miles on original engine. Yes rust is a problem, but if you keep on top if it you can still get through an MOT. Some one gave me this two years ago with just 2 mths MOT left. 2 years later and with a little spent is still goes strong. Yes they do splutter especially when damp or not used often. Just keep the throttle light and it'll pass when engine has warmed. Benn to Ireland, Wales with bikes and adults, half a patio in the back to the local skip, someones shed, dogs. An amazing workhorse!!

21st Oct 2007, 21:18

Hi I'm looking for an alternator for my 1989 space cruiser, cheapo! tel 0114 2205310, Paul.