1994 Toyota Supra TT 6 Speed 410bhp 3.0 twin turbo straight 6 from UK and Ireland


Watch the Fast and the Furious, you'll get the idea!!


Nothing at all. These cars are built like Volvo 850's!! i.e. tanks.

Don't get me wrong, cars have problems if you buy a bad one, but these cars are generally bulletproof :)

General Comments:

Being reviewed is my recently acquired '94 Supra Twin Turbo 6 speed with UK spec brakes all round.

Generally the car's amazing, it's highly sought after in the 6 speed, and if you can afford to modify them tastefully, you'd be astounded how much these cars can ruin a Porsche owner's life for the whole split second you fly past him in only 4th!

My car was carefully sourced, very low mileage, colour dark red, and mainly a 6 speed gearbox.

These cars are fetching £10k plus now, due to the gearboxes being so rare, and the twin turbo factory cars becoming rare as well.

There's a few that are converted to big single turbos or high output twin turbos, so you have a vast choice indeed.

These Supras can withstand 700bhp on the standard internals, and the turbos can take 450bhp unless you have the steel internal turbos, which can take up to 600bhp.

My car is running 412bhp with only slight mods at the moment, and is so fast it's indescribable. I have UK spec brakes, a very rare twin polished Apexi induction kit, facelift lights, veilside split rims and more. It's the performance I love really, because I love embarrassing 911s and Lotus Exiges, it's so fun :)

The presence of these cars is like that of a Ferrari.. very wide car, staggered wheels, intoxicating colours, and the sound when the turbo spools is spine tingly.

The ride is very comfortable, unless you've upgraded to full coilovers like mine, which sacrifices ride height and comfort a tad, but it's worth it for the TVR handling round bends.

Reliability is this car's real name, and Toyota's for that matter. Reasonable to service, and it's very rare that anything goes wrong unless you're stupid and negligent.

Only down side to these cars is the FUEL; if you like your money and good mileage, don't buy this car, and if you feel slightly insecure or don't like standing out, don't buy this car.

Not sure what else I can really say, unless you'd rather watch the original review by Tiff Needell, but I love my Toyota Supra, and when I have my big HKS twin turbos put in, this car's setup should be in the 700bhp territory.

P.s if you buy one, buy a manual haha :) Don't be lazy.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2011

1994 Toyota Supra Turbo 3.0L Inline 6 Sequential turbo from North America


What else can I say, the Supra is Super!


Trunk speaker blew but was replaced under warranty (1994)

Radio antenna jammed and had to be replaced (2008).

General Comments:

The Supra is truly a fantastic sports/grand touring car!

At the time I test drove the Corvette, 300ZX, Mustang, and 3000GT and chose the Supra without hesitation or regret even though it was dead last on my list of possible cars to buy at the time. It really made an impression on me when I drove it for the first time.

With 320HP and 315ft-lb torque it’s fast, reliable, looks great with a style that is still not out of place among today's cars.

Smooth on the low end of the RPM gauge, an acceleration tiger on the high end. This is due to the 2 stock sequential turbos. (One for lower speed acceleration and a larger one that kicks in at higher speeds).

I still have my Supra TT after over 14 years because there's nothing out there on the market yet that I'd rather own. I never expected to have it this long. The car is really in a class onto itself.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2008