1995 Toyota Supra UK Twin Turbo 3.0 Twin turbo from UK and Ireland


Amazing performance and unrivaled reliability in a Supracar!


Nothings gone 'wrong' as such.

I've had the Aux belt replaced and had the car serviced etc, but as for faults the only thing I've had fixed as such was a small slow leak from the rear diff cooler in the drivers side rear vent.

The reliability of the car is famous, the stock block can take 7/800 bhp if you want it too... its not gonna struggle at 326 is it!

The Fast and The Furious is probably the biggest fault! hehe.

General Comments:

These cars are incredible performance for the money, they were even when brand new at 50k never mind in the last few years of cheap prices!

326 BHP as standard on the UK model and with the uprated fueling setup (larger pump and injectors) compared to the import models - upping the power is child's play.

I fitted IK24 plugs for £70 and a boost cut chip (about £60 from japan) together with a Blitz ID3 Boost controller for £300 (also shipped from Japan)

This gave me around 100bhp up on the Dynapack! That's still with the stock cat's and exhaust on, which are coming off in a few days for a Blitz Nur Spec R and decat (£600 approx).

This should take me to around 460bhp easily if not slightly more, now that's cheap power which can't be denied!

Couldn't be more happy with the car if I tried, but then it is in a different world altogether to a 230bhp car like I had before!

Some people have a thing against Japanese cars, but when they show me a none japanese car for similar money that I can spend that kind of money on for those gains, then I'll be surprised.

They only made just over 600 UK models so if you see one for sale snap it up, you won't regret it. In fact buy any Supra because there all Supra's and that's what counts at the end of the day. You'll just have to spend a little more for the initial mods, but after that its all good :)

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Review Date: 28th January, 2005

9th Feb 2005, 06:13

I test drove a C5 Corvette and V8 Trans Am before buying the Supra above. They were nice enough, but driving the Supra made my mind up. Plus you don't get 100bhp on an NA engine for a few hundred notes. As for Torque lol, well I'm sitting at 354 lb/ft at the Hubs (442 lb/ft approx at the crank) with the above mods.

Respect to the V8's, but the Supra TT got my vote.

1995 Toyota Supra SZ 3.0litre 24 Valve DOHC from UK and Ireland


Amazing car!, don't regret having one at all, but fuel costs give me second thoughts


Nothing really,

Electric windows stopped working, only because I had "been over a lot of bumps" and this resulted in the switch inside the door disconnecting itself.

General Comments:

Heads turn everywhere I go with this car, I have Veil side 18inch rims on the car, which make a difference!

Fuel economy - Don't even bother putting £5 into the car for a short journey, it does not even register on the fuel gauger. (note for students like myself).

Handling is Awesome, expensive when the rear tires wear down though (£184 for 1 rear tire last time).

'Putting you're foot down' is Horrible as far as fuel costs go, BUT, it cannot be helped, you'll understand this once you own one.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2004

11th Jan 2005, 22:13

You cannot be serious about V8's being able to kick Supra's. I have seen Supra's, straight from the factory absolutly smash V8's! (As much As I Do Like My Big Bent Eights!) You probably spent 60K on the looks rather than the performance side of things. If I was you, I would have kept the Supra and actually spent some time with the engine!

3rd Aug 2005, 20:43

And you don't mod your V8's then!! mmmm ye right!!

2nd Sep 2005, 02:09

I know people in the US love their V8s. But in in terms of style and standard performance the supra and many top-end Japanese cars are winning the race.

With so many types of mods available like turbos, you can modify just about any car to do amazing things these days, so one could not argue this point.

I like the mustang though :-)