2nd Jul 2005, 15:05

There are many cars that have over 100 BHP on naturally aspirated cars = no lag!

Honda S2000 (2 lire, 240 BHP).

BMW M3 Evo (3.2 litre, 321 bhp standard).

BMW M3 CSL (3.2 litre 360 BHP) - will whop your Supra silly! Ultra fast throttle response => no lag.

Ferrari 360 Modena Stradale (3.6 litre, 425 BHP standard).

The higher the state of tune on the Supra, the greater the lag. It's only worth it if you own an petrol station or drive on boost most of the time! Even then, turbocharged cars lose top end power earlier than N/A cars, are laggy as a snail off boost, don't sound anywhere near as good as good naturally aspirated cars, drone a lot, and drink like a camel!

Want instant response? Stick to a car like the M3 with individual throttle butterflies for each cylinder. You cannot get faster response than this! A turbo charged engine will never match a car such as an M3's response! Saying that, the Supra is an awesome car, but let it go over your head!

6th Aug 2005, 15:33

The person 2 posts ago was referring to the fact that it is quite expensive to achieve a 100+ bhp increase on an N/A car, which is true. An example would be any Type R Honda, the engines are so tuned already in standard form that to achieve big bhp gains requires a lot of engine modifications. Whereas a turbo'd car can see big power gains from just using boost controllers and other relatively inexpensive tuning parts.

14th Oct 2005, 23:55

Haven't you teens heard of the "world street nationals"? Those races will teach you that the only car worth its salt is the AMC Javelin with $50K in mods.

I'm kidding, I'm not that guy who cuts and pastes his V8 rant into every supra thread on the site.

The NA vs. Turbo thread was actually informative, not just posturing, particularly because the Supra was offered without the twin turbo in the early 90s. I wanted to add my thanks. I'll try to look for the turbo versions that haven't been fouled by tuners.

I'm considering a Supra, not because I want to pour money into it to try to beat vipers, nor do I want to put awful fiberglass on it and pretend I'm vin diesel (though my hairline is starting to look like his). I just want a fun car that will be mostly a driver, and maybe one to do driver education on for autocross. I'm looking at the real contemporaries of the Supra as well-- the 300ZX, the twin turbo RX-7 of the 90s, and the mitsubishi 3000. Not a top fuel funny car or a camaro with a ton of money put into it, or the 2005 corvette. something that is both fun and that you know will turn over every time you twist the key.

So this review, and the comments that followed it, were quite helpful, and I'd like to offer thanks.