8th Mar 2007, 04:40


I'm the original poster of this review. For those that asked.. the car is an automatic, and I'm very pleased with how it works. It also has a manumatic mode where you shift the gears. It's somewhat of a true manumatic. If you forget and leave the car in 3rd gear at a light, it will drive off in 3rd gear... no 1st gear default here! The shifts are crisp when you are on the gas, but smooth when just cruising. I can't say it again... you simply cannot find another car that delivers so much, yet is so docile and reliable to drive as a daily commuter.

Aftermarket support is exceptional if you enjoy working on cars as I do. I have since replaced the torque converter to a higher stall unit, and added new shocks and springs, and some custom made wheels. As standard, the brakes are exceptional and required no upgrading. The Supra held the 60-0 and 70-0 braking records for nearly 12 years. That really says something. Also, in most car reviews in magazines, the compared the Supra against Vettes, Porsche Turbos, Ferraris, Acura NSX, etc.. and the Supra nearly always came out on top.

Fantastic car. I couldn't happier. If you want more info, visit SupraForums or MKIV.com.

19th Apr 2007, 12:34

I have read this whole string and have to make some comments. First of all you're not comparing fairly, If you want to compare powerplants they have to either be both aspirated, both turbocharged, or both supercharged. To the reader who says that Domestics will get killed on corners, well have you heard of the straightaway? The Old school thinking of 0-60, 1/4 mile time comes in here. I have a caprice and averaged 20mpg city. So it depends on how much you use the gas AND brake pedal- Elmhurst, IL.

14th May 2007, 07:15

Are single turbos Supras better than twin turbo Supras?

20th Jan 2008, 21:41

The only event that can compare any cars between themselves is the Tsukuba Circui Time Attack. It is the ony circuit that requires an all rounder car to perform well. If compare you must, compare it at the Tsukuba Circuit Time Attack.