1998 Toyota Tacoma SR5 TRD 4x4 2.7L I4 from North America


Nice, reliable, but underpowered


The drivers side light sensor stopped working, so when you open the door, the dome light dosen't turn on.

Muffler had to be replaced at 103k.

I have also heard a rumor about 1998 tacoma frames rusting out quickly. I haven't had this problem.

Other than that, the usual Toyota quality.

General Comments:

The rear "seats" are tiny. But the front seats are comfortable.

The 2.7L four is pretty quick to accelerate, but merging with highway traffic requires your foot to the floor.

The interior materials aren't up to Toyota quality. Hard shiny plastic is everywhere. But it is well assembled with no squeaks or rattles. I also have a Mazda Tribute with 37k miles and it has more rattles than my Tacoma.

It handles very well in the snow, and returns 24 average mpg. I think in 1998 anti-lock brakes should be standard on all models.

Tacomas hold their value a lot better than say, a S-10 or a Ranger.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2007

17th Mar 2008, 21:30

This is the same person that wrote this review. Another thing to add to the "what has gone wrong" with category"

My truck is equipped with the Toyota security system. It has a tendency to lock itself with the keys inside. I sat and watch my truck lock itself twice within 5 minutes with the keys sitting on the drivers seat. One time I started the truck, walked away, and the truck locked itself, WHILE IT WAS RUNNING!! Since then, I put a spare key underneath the rear bumper. Beware!! But I still love the truck to death.

1998 Toyota Tacoma SR5 3.4 from North America




Replaced the water pump.

General Comments:

This truck is great! I have over 217,000 miles and have owned it since new. Only major repair is a new water pump.

It does not burn any oil and drives like new! This truck is testament to the quality of Toyota engineering. I also like the fact that they assemble them in the USA.

I couldn't imagine buying any other truck!

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Review Date: 19th July, 2007

1998 Toyota Tacoma 2.4 inline four from North America


Basic transportation that is pretty reliable


Random rattles.

Transmission needed work around 100,000.

Fuel pressure regulator needed replaced around 120,000.

Check engine light on.

Lots of rust on under body parts, no rust on exterior though.

General Comments:

Reliable, basic transportation; not really meant for towing/heavy hauling or off road use.

Parts are very expensive, as with any import.

Engine is underpowered for a 2.4L with double overhead cams, it always feels like something is holding it back.

One will need snow tires on the back wheels with 2wd if in a snowy climate, doesn't handle snow well at all without mud grips with studs.

Great A/C and heater.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2007

1998 Toyota Tacoma 4 cylinder from North America


In a word, phenomenal!!!


Replaced both O2 sensors at 90000 miles.

Replaced Air Conditioning condenser at 90,000 miles. It seems that road salt ate thru it... common problem in the North East.

General Comments:

I LOVE IT. Much like my wife's Camry, it's very dependable. It's a regular cab, short box and it's as much fun to drive as my MGB (only the top doesn't go down). No matter how I drive it, I average between 25 and 28 mpg. In the winter I put studded snows on all four corners and drive through everything with no need for any weight in the back.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2006

19th Jul 2007, 21:25

Great truck. I've been driving nothing, but Toyota's for the last 15 years, and my '98 Tacoma is truly a joy to own. Same truck you have, but a 6 cylinder.

I get compliments on it all the time, and have had several offers from people who want to buy it from me. It has barely 70,000 miles on it; for a Toyota engine, that's just about where it starts to break in properly. They're incredible.

You MIGHT start to experience minor problems at about 160 or 180,000 miles; fix those and the truck will go practically forever.

I've seen countless Toyota trucks (pre-Tacoma) and Tacoma's (after '95) go to 300 or 400,000 miles easily with no work done to the engine or drivetrain. Very common, in fact, with regular maintenance, you can expect it.