2014 Toyota Tacoma Base 2.7 from North America


Don't buy one


The truck has a terrible idle, shakes the fillings out of your teeth. The dealer admits he can feel the shake, but won't attempt to repair/service it without a check engine light.

General Comments:

The Tacoma is no longer the king of small pick up trucks.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2015

2014 Toyota Tacoma Single Cab 2.7 4 cylinder from North America


Don't make my mistake


Nothing has technically gone wrong as in broken. But there is a lot that is loose, rattling and/or doesn't always perform or work properly.

General Comments:

I still have my Mercedes, but being a homeowner I figured a truck is a necessity. So I did some research, and from family/friend recommendations I went with a Toyota Tacoma 4x4 4 cylinder single cab Base model pickup.

My expectations of a 'cheap' 'Japanese' made in America truck were an understandable lack of equipment, but the few pieces of standard equipment on the truck would be well made and well engineered. I was wrong.

This truck is probably the worst of the small truck offerings. It feels nice on a test drive and it's fairly comfortable. However a few miles after you sign the papers, you are driving down the road noticing the crank windows aren't staying up while driving.

Your back starts to hurt because the backrest is almost completely vertical.

You reach over to adjust the air, and notice the climate controls are loose, and you listen carefully and hear the plastic bezel on the stereo buzzing as you drive.

The shift knob will not stay on the shift lever.

The car grips those little rain grooves in the freeway so aggressively it tosses the truck around and makes you sick.

You close the door and notice the interior panels almost pull off when you pull it closed.

The motor idles rough and almost feels like it has a miss.

The truck pulls to the left, and don't even try to go up a hill, you'd have better luck carrying a load up a hill in your arms; this truck strains to pull itself empty up a hill.

Then trying to engage 4WD, you realize Toyota took away a lever and replaced it with this electronic dealie that 9/10 times doesn't put it in 4WD. And make sure you have it in the setting before you get stuck, because with 4Hi you have to be moving. It beeps at you even though you are doing it exactly as written in the book. It's a crappy system.

Overall I am extremely dissatisfied. I expected Toyota would be the icon of simple perfection. No gadgets, no frills, but made to an almost industrial standard. But instead it seems like the whole truck was an after thought on the engineering table, equipped with the most minimal amount of poorly made parts, and assembled with a crew having a 'bad day'.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2014

27th Jul 2014, 03:38

Your experience sounds plausible. Automakers often put little/no effort in their decontented models, as they are often sold to fleets, where bids go down to the last penny. They'll generate a profit no matter what it takes to do so.

28th Jul 2014, 19:57

I have none of your issues on my 2014 base model single cab with manual transmission. I LOVE my Tacoma and the ride and smoothness of the transmission is great. It's refreshing to find a truck in 2014 that actually reminds me of the 1980's pickups. The engine feels strong and I can tell it has a lot of longevity in its blood (oil). Sorry to hear you're disappointed with your truck, as these trucks aren't cheap.

29th Jul 2014, 13:20

Just what everyone wants -- a vehicle that feels like something from 30 years ago.

30th Jul 2014, 21:29

I would much rather have a better built vehicle from 30 years ago.

2nd Aug 2014, 14:54

Me too.

20th May 2015, 22:39

I would rather spent a bit more on fuel and own a comfortable Silverado or Ford F150. Great current styling, high MPG vs the past, and comfortable. I am 6'2 and mine has great headroom and seats. I would rather give it to my kid and go get another one. Driving a Mercedes and going to this must have been a let down.

23rd May 2015, 04:46

Silverados and F-150s run circles around the Tundra, let alone the smaller Tacoma.

2014 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab Base 2.7L from North America




Condensation from the A/C leaks on my foot in the truck.

Hesitation when accelerating.

Rough idle.

General Comments:

My first new vehicle. I traded my Mercedes that I had purchased used, and put about 80,000 worry free miles on. I traded it in for what I thought was a quality vehicle.

I now have 500 miles on it, and the A/C leaks water on my foot, along with a bad hesitation and rough idle. The dealer is flaky. I traded in a car with new tires, brakes, shocks and struts for a defective truck. And they want me to be without a car while they diagnose and fix my brand new truck. I did not agree to that.

Toyota needs to stand behind their product and provide some customer service; get me a loaner. My last car did not have any problems. Toyota sells defective vehicles, then interrupts a customer's life by taking it from them at 500 miles and not giving them a loaner.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2014