8th Jun 2016, 20:06

Funny as I've owned a small Tacoma for well over 20 years and I can almost guarantee that I've hauled more with it then your average F-150 owner. That and it's been basically a flawless truck with close to 300,000 miles thus far and to date the most major item replaced was the clutch, which gave out at 220,000 miles.

My brother actually owned a '94 Ford Ranger and the engine in it was awful. Basically it was grossly under powered and almost scary when driven to an on ramp for fear it wouldn't make it out of the way of oncoming traffic. The transmission ultimately took a dump one day, at which point he promptly sold it and bought a Subaru Outback.

8th Jun 2016, 22:02

I liked the new small Splash really for its looks and didn't really keep it that long. Guess I liked Baywatch. It was cool looking, but rode really terrible with its short wheelbase, small bed that couldn't carry anything and was underpowered. But was reddish orange, had nice wheels and everyone liked it. But that's not really driving or owning it. So it went.

I have owned at least 6 full sizes since and all purchased new. Zero complaints afterwards, live and learn. My truck recommendations are full size 8 foot beds, no stepsides, with V8 automatic and all powers and a rear seat. With a car like ride that doesn't skip over every highway expansion joint on a long trip.

10th Jun 2016, 10:16

What if a Tundra owner commented on towing and hauling capabilities? Bringing up a F-150 full size capability comment on hauling was a mistake. I am sure the Tacoma has a good engine in its size category. I commented on owning 2 small trucks and 6 full sizes. Hope my comments have merit as all were one owner brand new ownership. With comparisons on both as far as size. I simply do not get why anyone would pay insurance annually for a small truck. If you only use a small percentage of their capability, rent one when needed. And drive a hatchback and tie the lid down. I had one that was a short bed step side - worst mistake ever. The other had a 4 cylinder - vastly underpowered. I will never buy another. Full sizes you are ready at all times to move or tow. Gas is cheap for as much as you use it. In reality I still prefer a car for comfort and on long trips with family.

12th Jun 2016, 01:35

Here's the thing. If you have owned several you have more of a discerning viewpoint. I have a relative that owned a 74 Bug for years. And a basic manual steering pick up. The bug was very reliable so we were told. I wouldn't want one with no air or really minimal options. The truck was the same way with no power steering. But not driving others, they appear great. Very reliable and very simple, but an awful ride. A truck touching 20 years baking in the sun and worn seats, suspension, paint etc doesn't appeal to everyone. Any vehicle with 300k miles is not immune to leaving you on the side of the road. Having a boat on a trailer behind a broken down pickup hasn't happened to me yet. It would involve calling 2 types of road service. Most of my miles are weekend towing. I would rather have something newer with cold air and great ride. My 2 cents.

21st Jun 2016, 12:00

Limited usage on small trucks. I still see buying a more comfortable car and tie the trunk lid down.

22nd Jun 2016, 14:05

The origin reviewer does not like his late model Tacoma. It's nice to discuss other options like a different brand from owners with experience.