28th May 2009, 11:39

MITSUBISHI??? RELIABLE??? You have GOT to be kidding!!

29th May 2009, 12:35

Ranger has from day one used the same 2.3 litre 4 cylinder engines that have been used in Fords for decades. These are made in Lima, Ohio, and have nothing to do with Mitsubishi (which is why they are such good engines).

6th Aug 2009, 11:43

Is this a Tacoma forum or a Ranger Forum?

I came here looking for info on the Tacoma, but there seems to be more here about the Ranger.

26th Aug 2009, 18:24

OK I wanted to address two items that came up in this Ranger vs. Tacoma debate, resale and weak frame. First I wanted to make it quite clear that I ACTUALLY OWN A TACOMA. Bought one in 2005 and it now has 63,000 miles on it. And yes I posted a review on my truck, and updated it continuously.

Now I have no idea where this weak frame issue came from. I live in Pennsylvania and we aren't exactly know for good roads. Other than some minor squeaking coming from the springs, my truck is as solid as the day I bought it new.

Concerning the price difference, yes Tacoma's are more expensive. Yes dealers are less willing to deal on one. However there is a reason for this, THEY HOLD THEIR VALUE. As of the time I'm writing this comment, I owe about $9000 dollars on my truck. Kelly Blue Book for my Tacoma is $12,375 - $18,800 (Trade in Value - Suggested Retail Value). So even if I just traded my truck in I should get at least $3000 more for it than I owe. Can a Ranger match that?

Anyone doubt my word please feel free to check. 2005 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab SR5 TRD Sport, with the V6, 4WD, PW, PL, CD Changer, and auto transmission. Mileage 63,000 miles in Good (4 out of 5 star) condition. Keep in mind the date of my review when checking.

27th Aug 2009, 11:42

Try to actually GET that Kelly Blue Book value at trade-in from a dealer. Go ahead. Try. Then you'll find out what it's REALLY worth.

27th Aug 2009, 14:50

Actually, about the weak frame argument, I read a comment on a thread about a Chevy Silverado (I know, not related to the Ranger and Tacoma because it is a full size pick-up, but it IS a domestic.) Anyhow, this man had a '98 Chevrolet Silverado, that only had 93,000 miles, and his frame had recently begun to crack and bend where the cab met the bed! He had never gone off-roading and he had bought the truck brand-new. So I'd reexamine this whole "Toyota's have weak frames" thing.

14th Sep 2009, 23:15

The way I see it... if you like a Ford, go ahead and buy one or a Toyota or whatever. Who really cares. Enjoy what you have, and if it cost you a bunch of money, it is your money. Could have spent $2000 or more on smokes and nobody would question you on that, but spend the same on a tranny and you get attacked? At least with a tranny instead of smokes you will live long enough to decide what to buy next time, whether a truck or car or refrigerator. Who really cares.

I drive a '89 Crown Vic, and if I need to haul something I pull my 5'x 10' utility trailer. It hauls a bike, quad, or lumber. When I head to the hills, I do get looks as I am the only car in the area. Had it 5 years for $1100 bucks and put in no money except a muffler. I think I am ahead.

I really would rather have a truck, but the point is it works for me and there is no depreciation as it was worth nothing when I bought it. I sleep good knowing I am not going in to work to pay for it... That has gotta suck!!! Especially if it was a beautiful day or weekend.

I would hate to see every truck or car the same. Chances are we will all be on the side of the highway at one point or other broke down. None are made to last, but they are made to suck money out of you pocket. I will save the depreciation and put it on property.

29th Sep 2009, 16:59

Concerning 27th Aug 2009, 11:42 comment:

I see absolutely no problem whatsoever getting Blue Book for my truck. Although I'm not in the market at the moment, the dealership has sent me about 6 offers to buy back my truck. They claim there is a strong used market, but honestly it's most likely just a sales ploy. Either way, I've already been offered Blue Book+ for my truck.

Of course if I were in the market, I'd just sell my truck outright and get Blue Book++. When buying a vehicle cash is always better than a trade in.

Toyotas hold their value, that's a fact. If you still don't believe me, try to buy a used one and see what kind of deal you get.

30th Sep 2009, 15:48

14:50 maybe the Silverado was in a major accident... I'll take a nice 3/4 ton domestic no issues.

1st Oct 2009, 12:41

Funny; when I trade, all dealers say they can buy the same at auctions not KBB. I tried Vehix, but most go to dealers as they need loans.

1st Oct 2009, 17:08

Yes, it is a ploy. That's how they get you in, by making you think your truck is worth more than it really is. Once you come in the door to get your big check, they try to interest you in something else, and before you know it, they've allowed you about $3,500 on your Tacoma trade-in. That's the recent ploy going around --- "We NEED used cars!" It's supposed to make you feel as though somebody wants your old vehicle, so that you're not "betraying" it by unloading it. Nobody is going to give you more than you paid for your truck.

1st Oct 2009, 17:31

"14:50 maybe the Silverado was in a major accident... I'll take a nice 3/4 ton domestic no issues."

How was it in a major accident if he bought it brand new?

1st Oct 2009, 20:53

If you factor in what you pay for the Tacoma (usually 5 to 8 grand more than comparable trucks) you LOSE money based on resale value. Also, repair and maintenance costs on the Tacoma will run much higher than even a full-sized Silverado because the Tacoma has virtually no warranty while GM warrants the Silverado for 100,000 miles. I sold a 5-year-old Dodge Dakota for 90% of what I paid for it brand new. You won't see that type of return on your investment with any Toyota product.

Considering that Toyota is currently dealing with two really huge recalls and hundreds of roll-over lawsuits, I'd stay clear of anything with the Toyota name.

2nd Oct 2009, 08:01

What's the price of the new vehicle? Dealers make money. If they mark the new one up that looks like you got a high trade in. I took a low mile trade in recently, and also hear and see on paper what they buy all day at low auction prices and act like KBB is fantasy. They also nitpick everything and show your Carfax with issues. My car had acid rain hit it while out of the garage, so although I saw nothing, they did. They also play the poor economy and cars already on lot. It seems selling is like you have a terrible proposition, but they have the best and it's new. Dealers make money, keep that in mind. Good luck!