11th Nov 2010, 15:10

Take a drive in California where I and about 38 million (1 in 5) Americans live. About 60-70% of the cars on the roads here are either Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Acura, Lexus... basically products of the Big 3 Japanese automakers. No sign of loss of confidence as far as I can see. Oh - and by the way, my Dad has one of those supposedly inferior new Toyotas. A 2003 Tundra with around 235,000 miles. We own a 2002 Prius - another one of those supposedly bad new Toyotas. Never had a problem with it. Neither has my next door neighbor and his 2006 Camry - the ones that were supposed to have been riddled with problems. No problems so far either.

Hmmmm... so much for Toyota quality going downhill over the last 10 years, because as far as I've seen with all the people who own newer Toyotas, their experience has been the same that we've always had: great quality.

11th Nov 2010, 18:29

Again the myth that Toyotas have lost so much value. Go book one against any American car and the Toyota wins... even after the recalls!

Consumer Reports still ranks Toyotas as a better bet for reliability over ANY domestic... especially Chrysler. J.D. Powers ranks Lexus above all of the domestic companies too, and imports fare better than domestics in all of their data. She will be in more danger with that 300 when the tie rods fail prematurely, like they do in all of those cars.

I also have not heard about one person that I know with a Toyota or Lexus that has actually needed any parts replaced when they took them in for the recalls. I would rather be a little inconvenienced for a quick run through the dealer service department, than sitting in the waiting room of a Chevy dealer ever again like I used to... waiting for my Trailblazer to be fixed time and again, which cost me $thousands in repairs...

11th Nov 2010, 21:24

"Some of the billions made paid some salaries, but the rest went back to Japan to enrich their economy."

I just love these type of comments on import companies. So I guess they got all of the parts to build the cars for free? They also don't pay anything for their factories to keep them running and up to date? How about design and marketing? If you think the import companies are just paying their meager salaries, and then banking every last cent over and above that, you don't understand how the auto business runs!

12th Nov 2010, 12:31

Now see, this is exactly the type of post that we don't need on Toyota threads. You don't even like Toyotas, but go on about their quality and poor engineering. You have no experience other than what the media tells you. We all have heard the media stories, and don't really need them repeated over and over again on here. It only works as a great ratings site when people that actually own the cars make comments based on their experience with the cars.

You claim Toyotas are overpriced? Well we got as good or better deal on our last Toyota purchase against a Ford. In fact, the MSRP was nearly identical on the two vehicles, yet the Toyota has more power, larger wheels, a better sound system etc., etc. How do I know this? I looked thoroughly at both vehicles, and now own the Toyota.

And claims of unsafe Toyota's cannot be justified when they consistently score higher than any domestic on all crash test ratings, and they come better equipped than most with ABS, air bags, and other safety features as standards.

It is too bad you feel such a need to post on the threads of the cars you dislike, and write unfounded remarks about them without any real experience. I hate GM vehicles with a passion, and I actually have had much experience with them. I still don't go out of my way to bash their products on here, other than to quote my actual bad experiences with them.

12th Nov 2010, 19:11

Just because you see a lot of certain cars in your town or state, does not guarantee it's nationwide. The cars my family drives in Phoenix Arizona are far different than downtown Alexandria Va. Also you cannot say what second, third or even fourth new car within the same household is identical or even the same brand. I don't want to put high mileage on my luxury car, so I will rack up miles on a cheaper new beater I'm not particularly enamored with.

20th Nov 2010, 21:04

I've been driving Toyota's for 20 years, and am active in the off road community where we put them to the test; I've seen and talked to countless other Toyota owners. If you want junk (comparatively) buy a Chevy or Ford. Yeah, they've improved.. so what. They couldn't have gotten much worse, the only way to survive was UP in quality. Too bad they still are miles away from the brilliance of design and build quality of even my late 80's and early 90's Toyota products.

21st Nov 2010, 10:49

They don't even come close to the design of any import really. Even J.D. Powers and Consumer Reports recognizes that fact, even after the recalls!

22nd Nov 2010, 12:19

Either that, or they drive beat up GMs and Fords.

22nd Nov 2010, 16:28

If you want to slosh in the mud or ride around aimlessly, this is the place. You never hear great actual applications or load carrying, towing or performance or handling on here. If you like pavement skipping or springy light fluffy ride, it's pertinent. How many people buy new trucks to go in mud? I wouldn't want to come home and ruin the neighborhood streets and driveway with slop trailing me home.

23rd Nov 2010, 17:43

I recently searched local ads for an older used truck. In looking for older Toyota and Nissan trucks, one thing became obvious very quickly... THERE AREN'T ANY!! On the other hand I found a number of mid-60's to mid-70's Ford, Chevy and Dodge trucks, as well as 1st generation Rangers and S-10's. My neighbor drives a near mint '69 Chevy truck. Obviously domestics last far longer or there wouldn't be so many of them everywhere dating back 40+ years. Currently everyone I know with a Tacoma is either tied up taking it in for recalls, or frantically trying to trade it for a good used Ranger.

24th Nov 2010, 23:30

If you are going to buy a truck and pay insurance, go for multiple capabilities with a full size truck. You can buy a hatchback car, a piece of twine to hold the lid down instead of these mini trucks. The little extra gas is minimal.

I had a small truck once and either needed two trips to a store or borrowed a full size truck. You can't haul any amount or really tow much. I would rather buy a little commuter like a Corolla all week and own a full size weekend truck. I save a lot doing my own home renovations. A little toy truck is weak and limited.

25th Nov 2010, 04:33

I was shopping for a truck recently and noticed the same thing.

Most older Toyota and Nissan trucks had 4 cyl engines, which don't last quite as long as the cast iron block V-8's that the older domestic pickups had.

They were also notorious for rust, very bad, both Toyota and Nissan trucks were not built for North American climate.

Once in a while you'll see an example, but very rarely.

However driving across the US you see everyone and their neighbor has an old Chevy or Ford pickup from the 70's or 60's.

I would say the best mid size truck is a Mazda B series, Ford Ranger, or Chevy S-10.

Toyota Tacoma is just way too overpriced!

I looked at one where the owner wanted $9000 for a 1997 Tacoma with 331000k! The motor had been replaced, but still high mileage and not worth the price.

People wants way too much for their Toyota's, I can usually find a newer model Mazda or domestic truck for half the price in much better condition, with way lower mileage and maintenance issues.