20th Dec 2010, 13:26

Yes, but the flaw in your argument is the availability of these supposed V6 gas miser pickups. Every dealer will stock V8 trucks. Many will tell you the V6 is an order only vehicle, and it takes weeks to get one. Most will opt for a V8 on a full size truck, as this will be an issue, and really the V6 is pretty inadequate for a full sized truck.

Go to the dealer and see just how many base V6 trucks they stock. I bet it isn't many.

20th Dec 2010, 13:33

I didn't say all of the domestic vehicles were huge gas guzzlers. Of course there are small vehicles available too. It is just too bad they have to abandon small trucks in favor of huge ones. It is yet again another mistake that will cost them when gas prices go up. Even if their trucks get good mileage, it is mainly with weaker powertrains that are inadequate for the size of the vehicle, so most would opt for the V8 anyway. Whens the last time you saw a RAM without the "Hemi" badge on it? Also, the perception exists that larger trucks are poor on gas, so they will sit and rot on dealer lots, no matter what gas mileage they get. Look at the muscle cars today like the Challenger and Charger. They sit on lots because of the type of vehicle they are. The Charger Hemi actually gets 24 mpg on the highway. The perception is that it gets much less.

Most people don't get that educated before buying a car. They go with what they perceive, and believe me, Ford and Chevy will be missing their small trucks when we are at $4 per gallon again, and it is coming soon!

20th Dec 2010, 16:38

Just go to any new dealer, ask for a work truck 1500, and tell them you have cash. They will get you one.

21st Dec 2010, 13:30

Who wants a stripper work truck? I am talking finding a truck with what you want on it, that actually is good on gas, because it has the weakest drivetrain in it. Dealers won't stock that vehicle. Anything you'll find well equipped on a dealer lot, will have a V8 in it.

And these days, dealers do not care about cash deals. They make a lot of their income from their financing, so they'd rather not even deal with cash. You also won't get any better deal because you have cash, and in fact you may even get a worse deal with cash these days, because there is no bank to approve the deal they write against your credit. It isn't 1980 anymore.

22nd Dec 2010, 03:44

I have been trying to help a friend with their 2004 Tacoma. The check engine light has been on for a while now, and recently it stalls when idling at a stoplight (not always, but often enough to be an annoyance). Unfortunately the warranty has expired as it has 92000k, and no local mechanic shops want to work on it, they say it has to be brought to the dealership. My friend wants to avoid the dealership, as they are too expensive and have replaced unnecessary parts on his truck before. Any advice on how to?

22nd Dec 2010, 07:45

I buy from an Internet manager at dealers and pay cash. A sale is a sale. Work trucks are common, and I had no problem. I wanted the better frame and long bed, not a weak truck. All I want is automatic air conditioning. No power windows to go bad, and I do not like carpet.

I bought another truck, this is a V6, and I always de-emblem my trucks, add nice chrome wheels off eBay, and aftermarket stereo with IPOD. In 1 hour an aftermarket system was installed.

I like the cleaner look vs all the junk on the exterior of many trucks. I may dark tint my windows at legal limits, but that's enough.

And I did not need a loan. I have a stronger truck I bought in the mid teens. I'm happy with this, and it is a sharp truck. I like Artic White on my vehicles.

22nd Dec 2010, 12:44

Good for you. My point is that it is impossible to find a full size truck with economical drivetrain in it that has any good options on it. I am glad you don't like anything extra on your vehicles. That is far from the norm though, and the reason why dealers load up their stock vehicles. Profits are profits, and the more stuff on the truck, the more profit they make on it.

It's also good that you like white, as that would be the base color of most work trucks.

As far as the whole cash thing. Yeah, obviously they will take your cash. Dealers don't offer up better deals for cash sales though as they are losing out on the financing. There is no incentive to drop your price further when you won't be getting any money on the back end of the deal within the financing.

Not sure why people don't understand the logistics of the auto business. It has long been the biggest rip-off business in our country, yet people still think the same old way about it. You should go and sell cars for a while and learn it from the other side. I did, and I was amazed at the things people don't have a clue about.

22nd Dec 2010, 13:49

13:30 What on earth are you talking about? If you have cash, what's with credit scores and bank approval have any relevance? It's simple. You sign the contract and write a check. I have literally taken the vehicle on the spot with a paper new car temp tag, and had a call to pick up my title. The title clerk picks it up and calls. I was asked to drop it off sometime to have better clean up prep done as I wanted it then. They put gas in and you drive home. Believe me, no car dealer new or used has any issue selling you a car with cash or funds in full. Not everyone can do so, but believe me, it's very fast and simple if you have no trade involved. Dealers like taking money and moving vehicles.

22nd Dec 2010, 16:52

I didn't say they wouldn't take cash. Obviously they would, but they prefer to make more on a finance deal, and you won't get a better deal at most dealers just because you can pay on the spot. They are there to make money. They all own their own finance companies. Cash deals make them nothing extra, so they aren't as likely to go out of their way to earn your business with extra discounts and such. Why would they? Would you? I would try harder for the person that has to pay for my money in financing...

22nd Dec 2010, 20:00

The number one selling vehicle in America for over 20 years has been full size trucks. 2008 was no different. Just because Hummers are not sold new, has zero relevance with Ford F Series trucks sold in America. A lot of people have other vehicles as well as a fully usable truck. My small truck was too small, and I needed two or more trips