17th Jan 2006, 22:55

Ah the ashtray is located just below and to the right of the steering wheel. I don't think it's marked, but obviously an ashtray, or awkwardly place coin holder.

If you have the lumbar support turned up too high that can be causing your discomfort. I had the same exact problem with my truck. But once I turned the lumbar support all the way down, I never had any issues since.

I agree with silver being too much for the truck. It probably would have looked better in grey or black. Other than that, I tend to think the interior is just plain awesome.

1st Apr 2006, 14:45

This comment, or question, is for Tacoma owners that have high miles, 110,000+ or more. I drive a '98 Tacoma, this being my third Toyota, and my owner's manual talks about having valve clearances checked at 60,000, and again at 120,000, and I have heard that NOT having this done can be the early demise of a Toyota motor. Now I understand that I would hear tapping if something were wrong, but has anyone out there actually had this done, or ever had problems with this? Also, same for the timing chain. Any problems with these? I would appreciate a response from anyone with experience with either of these. Thanks.

2nd May 2006, 10:44

My 2000 extra cab 5 speed 2.4 Ltr was totalled at 368,000 miles. I never had to adjust valve clearance and never had a rattle.

My 2006 2.7 Ltr axcess cab automatic is a great improvement

I drive 75 to 85,000 miles a year a mix of 70% hi way 30% city with an avg cargo load of 500-750 lbs.

Running Hammer Down 75mph with the a/c on in Florida my avg M.P.G is 25.2 This is a 20 tank average. Low end grunt is good

But the engine wants to rev, the auto tranny impedes this.

So if you want better mileage throttle up briskly through the low gears and keep it out of overdrive in city traffic.

When I took it real easy on the throttle my average M.P.G

Was 23.9. My truck Tacs 2350 Rpm at 75 Mph