28th Dec 2006, 20:59

It's hilarious to read the comments on these sites that debate resale values on vehicles that cost nowhere NEAR the same, rant about Toyota's reliability when most companies get 300,000+ miles out of Rangers, and talk of "superior quality" in the face of massive Toyota recalls for major safety issues, plus numerous stories of defective brakes and transmissions, and engines in the Corolla blowing up before 36,000 miles. I guess most people don't read much these days. Even the highly biased National Consumer's Union now rates Ford ahead of Toyota in reliability.

14th Aug 2007, 03:17

I own a 94 Ranger with 135,000 miles (on its second transmission) and a 2001 Toyota Tacoma with 185,000). As much of a die hard Ford fan that I am, the Tacoma's starting to grow on me... oh yeah mom's got a 96' Explorer 5.0 with over 300,000 on it...

8th Aug 2008, 23:12

I drive a 2004 Toyota Tacoma and think that it is way better than any other truck I have driven. I just wish that they came with a few more options, and that they got a little better gas mileage since the truck is so small.

Although I have never owned a US made vehicle, I know for a fact, because of my parents vehicles, that I will never own an American made vehicle.

Also this about Rangers riding better is wrong. The Tacoma has a way better ride, and also gets way better gas mileage. So there that is my opinion.

10th Aug 2008, 06:15

How does one go from comparing a Ford Ranger then straight to an Excursion? Are we forgetting a few trucks here? F150-250-350-450? Gas/Diesel. How about GM Silverado?

I stepped up from small trucks. To me quite frankly you can get by with a hatchback and roof racks and tie the trunk lid down vs. a small truck. There were too many limitations. If you need high mileage, get a little car vs. compromising a trucks purpose.

The new full size trucks ride great even towing and carrying heavy loads if you order them right. I never order with off road tires. Great ride and handling, carrying capacity, loads, more people carrying capacity and over twice the import warranty sold me. Mileage on the interstate is even pretty good anymore.

I tow my boat long stretches with 4 people inside and am not in the market for overloading trans and the engine. I know this is about little trucks but I am impressed with the new full size domestics.

When I read comments on riding around empty most of the time, I do not get that logic with small truck owners. Then drive a small car instead. I would rather have an older full size truck if cost is the issue with a new little car that likely has a back seat. Then you have the advantages of owning a truck without making 2 trips,not at all or borrowing a friends full size. I got tired of doing that. When you progress that way you will never again be happy with a small truck again.

10th Aug 2008, 19:41

Own a 96 Tacoma, 2.4 4 cyl automatic, 140,000. Not one problem to date, just oil changes, tires, routine maintenance.

26 mpg highway, 21 city. Paint and body look great, first Michelins lasted 80,000.

Why buy a domestic and who cares about re-sale value when this truck will go another 10 years, 100,000 miles trouble free?

Awesome 90's products from Toyota, not researched the 2000's models, no need to yet, can't kill the 96!