2004 Toyota Tacoma Base model/2wd single cab 2.4L from North America


THE best truck out there, but I haven't driven a Tundra yet.


Paint peeled slightly on ends of front bumper. Mechanically perfect (I wasn't aware this existed!)

General Comments:

This truck is why the Japanese are so much better at building automobiles. They still offer a reliable, no-frills truck. I don't want a $40K SUV with tons of crap that will break in 10,000 miles of use. I want RELIABILITY first and foremost. Why oh why can't Chevy build something this good?! Oh well, barring a terrible car accident, I will be driving this little Toyota for 20 more years. What a solidly-engineering machine. Its not a race car. It doesn't have tons of cab space. However, It will haul a lot of stuff for its size. Be comfortable to drive, and when the time comes, be easy to work on.

In response to one other review, the person complains of lack of space, my question is: Why didn't you get an extended cab? He complains of poor handling in snow: Why didn't you get 4wd? It's a rear-wheel drive pick-up, what did you expect?! Conversely, my Tacoma does just fine in two New England winters with about 300lbs in the bed (as well as stock tires! perhaps his driving ability is the problem). I, too, have just a 2wd. HMM.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2006

15th Sep 2006, 20:48

If my experience with Japanese vehicles is typical, NO WAY will you drive this truck for 20 years. If it's like the two we have had, it will be rusting in a junk yard in 6 or 7 years and you'll be wishing you had bought a Ranger.

17th Sep 2006, 09:37

I test drove the new Tacoma, as well as several other small trucks before deciding on the 2006 Ranger. The Tacoma's styling was too "cartoonish", the ride was poor, and the interior was really cheap-looking. I got a loaded V-6 Ranger for what Toyota was wanting for a bare-bones basic work truck. It is smooth, solid, rides way better than the Tacoma, and not one of my friends who drive Rangers (some of which have 300,000 miles on them) have ever had problems, while two who own Toyotas have had some very expensive problems. Paying 5 grand more for a brand name is not rational.

2004 Toyota Tacoma SR5 TRD V6 from North America


I usually get a new car every 2 years, but I'm keeping this truck!



General Comments:

When I bought this truck I had no expectation that the ride would be smooth, that the acceleration would pin you in the seat or that it would hug the road around corners, it's not supposed to it's a truck.

The fuel economy is bad.

The thing I like the most about this truck is that it's a truck. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles that can break or cause problems. The seats are comfortable enough, the heater works well, the stereo sounds just fine. It has no problem driving up the rocky bumpy, sometimes snowy icy road to my favorite trail head. It has enough power to pull a 3000# trailer with no problem, and it can handle a 1000# plus payload just fine.

My dog loves to ride in this truck, and if it works for him it works for me.

In the almost (2) years that I've owned this truck, nothing has gone wrong. This is way more than I can say for any other vehicle I've owned. Even after bouncing over rocks and logs, this truck is still rattle free.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2006

5th Dec 2006, 12:43

I agree with everything mentioned. Definitely disapointed with the mpg. I drive it very gingerly and can't muster anything better than 17 mpg.

5th Dec 2006, 19:58

As stated in other areas of this website, your mileage will improve as the motor breaks in. Especially if you drive a Toyota motor easily for 15,000 miles, it hasn't really begun to break in yet. I own a '98 Tacoma, v-6 standard, bought last year with 29,000 miles on it, owned by an old man who got tired of driving a stick, and I now have almost 60,000 miles on it, and my mileage continues to improve. Buy and install a K&N air filter; they are worth their weight in gold. I swear you will notice a slight increase in power, and your mileage will definitely improve.