2004 Toyota Tacoma double cab, TRD, Limited 3.4L V6 from North America


Nearly ideal vehicle, just needs better gas mileage and better interior


The only problem that I had was a mis alignment of the front wheels. It was like that when I got it from the dealer, but I initially assumed it was from uneven roads.

Dealer fixed the problem when I brought it to their attention.

General Comments:

We have had many Fords in our family, so I know all the problems they have. The Chevy is really dated and small. So, the new truck that I was going to buy was either a Toyota or a Nissan - a 4x4, double cab.

The purchase prices were the same.

Pro’s of Nissan:

-Nissan offered MUCH better financing (0.9%) - it would have cost me $80-$90 less each month (60-month loan).

-Nissan had more horse-power (210 with super charger).

-Nissan looks better (in my opinion).

-The seats in the Nissan were also more comfortable - a big plus.

Con’s of Nissan:

-I was told be a few Nissan owners that the Nissan's develop a lot of rattles.

-Slightly lower gas mileage.

-Some parts of the interior seemed like it had not been finished or secured well enough – I can see where the rattles would come from.

Pro’s of Toyota:

-Toyota has a better reliability reputation.

-The Tacoma had slightly better gas mileage.

-Toyota seemed to be better built; interior was “tighter” – seemed more complete and very solid.

Con’s of Toyota:

-I had to buy the Limited Package to get seats that I could deal with. The seats in the other packages/grades or Tacoma were unbearable. They were too mooshy with no support. I almost did not buy the Tacoma because of the seats.

-Terrible financing rate (3.99%) – huge monthly payment ($478, if I recall correctly).

It was a tough decision, but I bought the Double Cab Toyota Tacoma TRD Limited. Following my thought process above, it would appear that the Nissan would be a better buy.

Reliability is the main reason that I bought the Toyota – this thing better last me the 200-300K miles that I keep hearing about. Rattles or squeaks on a new car would drive me insane.

The monthly payments on the Toyota are huge (to me), but I hope to pay it off early that I am not getting screwed on the interest.

I have been driving the truck since I bought it new in July or 2004. The truck is great. No rattles, plenty of power.

I do have a couple of complaints:

-it is like a magnet for bad drivers. It had been hit three times by the time I made two payments on it. Each time while it was parked. No serious damage, but there are some chips, scrapes, and little dents.

- Gas mileage is terrible. I get 16.8 to 17.7 miles/gallon. 90% of my driving is on the highway. I just keep up with traffic – 50 to 80 miles per hour. Most of the driving is done at 70 to 75 mph.

- the interior is not designed very well. The steering wheel obscures the controls for the window wipers, lights, and blocks the clock on the dash.

My Tacoma does its job well: get me to and from work safely in any type of weather, enables me to haul yard waste to the dump, carries me and three friends to go snowboarding, gets me, a few friends, and bunch of guns and target frames to the rifle range, look classy for a night out on the town…

Nearly ideal vehicle, just needs better gas mileage and better interior.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2005

2004 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Extra Cab SR5 3.4 liter V6 from North America


Tough, reliable and fun to drive


The dome light only works half the time. Bulb? Wiring?

General Comments:

I have been looking forward to owning a Toyota Tacoma 4x4 for the past 3 years, and finally have been able to buy one.

So far, the truck has been everything I have thought it would be; all except the fact that the dome light works only half the time. This is not a problem though; the truck is certified and the repair will be free of charge.

This is my first manual transmission, and I found it very easy to learn using this truck. Within days I was shifting smoothly and comfortably driving the truck.

This vehicle's shining moment came two days ago when I was rear-ended by a '94 Chevy Astro. The only damage to my truck was two small 3 inch dents on the bumper, and it continues to function as if nothing ever happened. The Chevy was a different story. Both headlights and the grille were smashed. The bumper was also severely bent by my tow hitch. In addition, the hood would not open.

If this is an example of this vehicle's durability, I am sure to be happy with my purchase for years to come.

Mileage is exactly what I expected for a truck of its class. If I utilize the cruise control and take highway routes, I can achieve 19-20 MPG. Not much less than my '88 Oldsmobile Cutlass.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2005

29th Apr 2005, 14:31

I agree, The trailer hitch is a must on the Tacoma. I was rear ended as well, and came out with only a scratch on my hitch. The other car totaled!