1983 Toyota Tercel Wagon 4WD SR5 1.5L 3A from North America


A born rally car


I got a new exhaust system when I bought it.

Front axle right after.

New tires at 310000km

1st gear syncros just went at 320000

Front fender rust like any other old Toyota.

General Comments:

I am a big fellow and I am always comfortable and impressed by the performance.

Big cabin for people and cargo.

I rally this car and love the handling in 4WD on fast gravel roads.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2003

1983 Toyota Tercel SR5 Wagon 4x4 4A from North America


ONE HELL of a 4x4ing utility CAR for low $


4wd hand mechanism was missing a bolt.

Window track is screwed.

Had to put new fuel filter on it, because it cracked when I was doing donuts in my backyard.

General Comments:

Hell of good car. Not an SUV, not a boat, not too small, 4 doors, great cargo room, and a nice car for camping and carrying passengers.

Very good on gas. Speed performance sucks, but I can do donuts when it's muddy and not get stuck. The only down side I think of the car is the suspension needs to be raised a little bit for 4x4ing. Like a Jeep, but bigger and having more room.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2003

1983 Toyota Tercel Deluxe 3AC from North America


Best car ever bought!


Drivers side CV joint snapped at 190000.

Drive shaft u-joints went out.

Starting to get a hole in the drivers side floor board.

General Comments:

I bought as a second car for good gas mileage for $400, it has gotten great mileage and has only let me down once. The brakes aren't the greatest, I've evened noticed that after replacing them. This is the best thing I have ever spent any money on. It was supposed to be for just back and forth to work, but ended up becoming my primary vehicle because I love it so much.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2003

1983 Toyota Tercel SR5 4WD 1.3L 3A-C from North America


Won't pick-up chicks, but will not leave you for dead in a ditch


The body is merrily rusting away, and not just the paneling. The jack, which is stored in an internal bay above the back wheel well, actually went through into the wheel well. Makes me glad I had a flat so that it did not fall out.

Fuel pump went at 200k, but the car had been stored for the two years previous, without having been mothballed.

The front axles have had to be replace at least twice in the car's history, but that could just be because of the drivers.

The clutch went at 150k and had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Shift-fly-4-wheel-drive, a full decade before it was called that. The lever makes a very reassuring clunk when engaged, so you truly do know that it is working.

Consistently gets 13km/L (about 30mpg) and does not burn any oil.

6-speed transmission is one of my favorite things, the the 6th speed being called "extra-low" and is below first gear. Very handy, and red-lines the engine at about 20kph.

The man-power steering allows for good line-holding, without the annoying wobble that tends to happen in other vehicles I have driven.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2002

1983 Toyota Tercel 5-door hatchback 1.5 litre 4 from North America


If you have one, don't let it go until they have to sweep it off the road!


Well...nothing, I guess.

The igniter went the second year I got it, but I was reimbursed by the dealer because of a recall.

The second timing belt broke at about 130,000, because I kind of forgot it supposed to be replace EVERY 60,000 miles.

It burns a quart of oil about every 900 miles, but I would not call that excessive.

And I am not retentive about maintenance; this beast thrives on abuse.

General Comments:

This was my first Japanese car, and I became a believer.

I have since purchased a 1990 Subaru Legacy, and a (made-in-Kentucky) 1997 Camry, and now I am not so sure.

As I write, I am waiting for Toyota to tell me if they are going to pay for replacing a blown engine in the Camry (at 68,000 miles), apparently caused by oil jelling in the crankcase, a common problem with this model.

We are told that Detroit has learned a lot from the Japanese about quality over the last few decades. But that "information highway" is a two-way street. 8^ (

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Review Date: 13th September, 2002