1991 Toyota Tercel DX 1.4L 4-cylinder from North America


It's compact and great on gas, plus they'll last up to 300,000 miles or more


I have had this car for almost two years now and it has a bad valve, which it had since I bought the car. But to have a burnt valve and only be running on 3 cylinders, it has been the toughest car I ever owned. This problem arose possibly because the previous owner hadn't taken such great care of it. That being said, it will have to suffice a bit longer until I find something else. There are times, especially on cold starts, where the car has a slow time shifting, but once it is warm I would put it against any car I have previously owned; just can't beat a Toyota. Currently, the problem has worsened: with the car burning a little more oil and fuel economy worsening but still driving fine.

The seats also aren't in such great condition due to increased wear over the years, but that's expected. Also, don't expect this thing to be a family car it is mainly a "gas-mizer".

The only thing I wish the car had was five gears, because even though it has a bad cylinder, it screams for a fifth gear if it's been taken care of!

General Comments:

The paint on these cars is also remarkable, especially since it is about 13 years old.

Tread wear is great!

Acceleration is better with a manual, but it doesn't really like going too much over 70mph.

I use this car for commuting around campus and it has well earned its keep.

For as easy and cheap as it is to maintain these cars, I wish I had three more just to replace this one! They take a beating and then some...

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Review Date: 19th January, 2005

21st Jan 2005, 07:40

Your title reminds me of that old question, if they invented a medicine that would allow you to live to be 150, would you take it? Would you really want to live to be that old?

Would you really want to drive a Tercel for 300,000 miles?

18th Jun 2006, 22:18

To the above: 21st Jan 2005, 07:40

The answer to "Would you really want to drive a Tercel for 300,000 miles?" is...

Yes. I would like to see my Tercel reach 400,000. I currently have 386,000 on my 91 tercel. Doesn't everyone want a reliable car? I do and I own one.

1991 Toyota Tercel DX 4 liter from North America


Great car for thrifty people


I have had to replace the front axle and back shocks in the past year.

Since the day I bought it, I've had to put in a quart of oil everytime I put gasoline in it. It burns a lot of oil.

When I use the turn signal, the brights flash for a second.

General Comments:

This car still has great acceleration and brakes fairly well.

It is a car for teens. It is fairly inexpensive to replace most parts and gets great gas mileage. I've driven this things cross country on numerous occasions and it hasn't left me stranded yet!

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Review Date: 17th August, 2004

1991 Toyota Tercel DX 1.5L from North America


Amazingly reliable


Just normal wear out parts like brakes, clutch, struts, etc...

General Comments:

This car will not die! I have done minimal maintenance to this car and it runs perfect.

No question to whether it will start or not. Amazingly reliable!

156,000 miles and you can't even feel or hear it idle.

Does burn a little oil, perhaps a quart per oil change. Seats aren't all that bad.

I'm 6' 1" and I fit in the seat nicely. Easy to use controls.

When something does break/wear out, it's pretty easy to fix.

I did my brakes, O2 sensor replacement, and tune up myself very easily.

I suggest an intake cone. I used one and it helped out the little tough guy when the AC ran and helped out gas mileage as well.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2004

21st May 2004, 14:17

I have owned a 1967-1971-1990 Toyota and currently own a 1991 Tercel. The first three were bought new and the 1991 was bought with 5,000 K's on it. The best of the bunch was the 1967 Corona (very well built) I kept the 1971 for 21 years. I still have the 1991 Tercel and it has performed magnificently. It now has 110,000 K's (I live in Canada) and hasn't caused any problems what so ever. The secret is taking care of it. It is in mint condition. I am buying a new Toyota this year, but will keep the 1991 Tercel as a second car because maintenance is very low and it is very economical with gas prices going throught the roof>