1991 Toyota Tercel CE 1.5 (I think) from North America


The tough guy that won't quit


The only problem so far is the fan belt squeaks.

General Comments:

The car is not very quick, but I don't mind that.

I have yet to find another small car that corners as well as my Tercel.

The back seat is not very roomy, however, on a recent trip to Banff from Calgary, I had 5 people in the car and they all said it was a comfortable trip.

The bumpers are built like rocks, I got hit by 3 trucks and a Saturn since I got the car. The bumpers on the trucks almost fell off, and all I got was a scratch. The Saturn didn't even leave a scratch and it was totaled, I almost felt bad for that... ALMOST!

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Review Date: 5th February, 2003

1991 Toyota Tercel DX 1.5 EE EFI from North America


Well worth the money!


Brakes pulsate.

Wiper motor blew at 280000 km.

Alternator went at 222000 km.

After a hard winter without a block heater (-50 C many mornings) the water pump was shot (248000 km).

Difficulty turning the key in the ignition if the steering wheel is not aligned straight.

Flex connector on exhaust rusted out at 240000 km.

Heats up to about 3/4 temp gauge when idled or in slow traffic.

Leak just below the gas cap; only leaks on a full tank (280000 km).

General Comments:

Unbelievably it always starts right up at -50 C.

Handles a lot of road abuse and severe weather with grace.

Seats are uncomfortable, especially on long hauls.

Great fuel efficiency for the age of the car.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2001

1991 Toyota Tercel Base 1.5 from North America


Very dependable car


The seats are terrible. They are made of vinyl and are completely ripped to shreds.

Had to replace the water pump at 160000 (150).

Some minor work here and there.

General Comments:

This car is very dependable and gets about 40 miles to the gallon.

The backseat is not very roomy.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2001

1991 Toyota Tercel DX 1.5 L from North America


A low maintenance money saver


Seat belt has worn pretty badly.

The emergency cable snapped.

General Comments:

This car will last forever because I beat the balongy out of mine and it still runs like the day I got it.

The only problem is that it isn't very fast at all.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2001

1991 Toyota Tercel 1.5 from North America


An econobox beater that won't die


The vehicle burns oil.

Air conditioning doesn't work at all.

Wiper fluid spray motor has gone bad.

Interior light doesn't work.

Speedometer light doesn't work.

Clutch seems to be going bad.

Transmission has been progressively getting worse. First and second gears are starting to rattle over time.

General Comments:

The car started burning oil at 130,000 miles. I suspect the head gasket is going bad. It burns about a quart every 400 to 500 miles. It costs too much time and money to replace.

There's a leak somewhere in the A/C system.

Can't seem to figure out where there's a kink in the electrical system that doesn't allow the interior light to work.

The vehicle's as standard and didn't have a tachometer.

Motor for wiper fluid is really difficult to replace due to its location. As with anything with the vehicle.

Clearance for the vehicle is too low. I tried to put a jack underneath it. The car was too low for the jack! I literally had to lift the car about an inch to get the jack under there.

Due to its small size resulting in a cluttered engine compartment, doing any maintenance on the vehicle is really difficult.

On the good side, it does get decent gas mileage for an older vehicle. Approximately 34 MPG for a '91 isn't too shabby.

I took out the rear seat and now can access my trunk through the back seat.

Rear headroom is surprisingly sufficient. I'm 5'10" and I still have about 4" of clearance.

The car accelerates like a slug. 0-60 is about 15 seconds. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm a road hazard. Trying to merge onto the freeway scares the living crap out of me because of this.

Never had a problem starting the thing.

Very reliable. Considering all the thing wrong with it, it won't die. I may need to help it out and push it over a cliff somewhere.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2001

18th Sep 2002, 12:50

This is the same I feel about my 91 tercel. Looks like I have a twin of yours, same problems, but never dies. I need to push it off the cliff too :) Anyway I will love this car. Awesome value!

8th Nov 2002, 17:35

I am in total agreement. I am afraid to accelerate in this car, it often sounds as if it is going to give up. Problems with getting repairs done, also problems with CV joint. It's engine runs fairly well, mine also burns a lot of oil.

1991 Toyota Tercel DX from North America


Built Tough!


Well, quite a few things have gone wrong, but only from wear and tear.

At 125,000 miles this car is still going!

General Comments:

Recently I got hit and run. The guy had a 60's or 70's Mercedes and hit me square in the back end. Damage: bumper is slightly falling from one side, broken back-up light, small dent in trunk and on left side fender. The Mercedes is TOTALLED! Man I love my Tercel!!

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Review Date: 4th July, 2001

1991 Toyota Tercel LE 1.5L from North America


Reliable and cheap!


A broken pulley for the oil pump at 170,000km.

General Comments:

Great, reliable and inexpensive transportation! If you are looking for a good city driver, this is a car for YOU! However, if you are somebody who does a lot of highway driving, this might not be a good choice. The 3 speed automatic gear box limits the top speed. I suggest the 5 speed manual.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2001