19th Nov 2002, 18:21

I'm also in agreement. I've had a '91 for almost 2 years, and very little has gone seriously wrong with it so far. My oil leak seems to have solved itself, somehow; but my clutch is now starting to go. I'm getting a lot of chattering when I put it in motion from a stand-still.

25th Jan 2003, 01:06

I pretty much agree with you guys. I have had the car for 6 months and it has 95000 miles on it. It hasn't started to burn oil yet, but it clicks for the first 3-4 turns when I try to start it. It had a weak clutch when I bought it and it just burnt out tonight. The last fews days have been below 20 degrees and when I tried to start it on those days when, I turned it over I got absolutely nothing. After the 40th time I tried it started right up. I like this car, but only sometimes I wanna make it meet the bottom of a cliff!!

3rd Mar 2003, 10:01

I am also in agreement. My car has a little over 110k miles on it, and it still runs like a top. Burns no oil yet. The only problem I have had is the water pump going bad a few weeks ago. Definitely a car that is destined to keep on going for thousands of miles to come.

10th Apr 2003, 15:04

I have had my 91 tercel for 4 years. It currently has 142000km on it. I get great gas mileage, but it has a very small tank. The wheels are so small and the clearance so low that it's hazardous on some roads. The car is narrower than most, I know this because it is in the left rut, or the right, never both. This is especially annoying in the winter snow and slush.

The car runs well and starts always. It has had no trouble starting, even at -30 C when I forgot to plug it in.

The interior light has gone, cannot figure out why. I have also had to replace the water pump twice, the battery once, and the alternator once. Not bad for a car that old.

On the brighter side, if you can survive the panic of merging at an incredibly slow rate, it is an excellent car to drive. I have an automatic, 2 door, with a surprisingly large amount of interior room for its small size. I do have a friend who is 6'3" and he looks like a pretzel when he rides in my car!

I have had no major problems and most parts are cheap. I do my own oil changes which is a little tricky considering you need small hands to twist off the oil filter. They don't give you any "extra" room in the engine.

14th Aug 2004, 23:13

I agree it won't die... my Tercel has 272,500 miles on it, it's a bare bones model... but everything that came with the car works... including the dome light. Original radiator, CV joints, replaced 2 timing belts and 2 sets of tires... rebuilt starter and used alternator. It has little pick up now because I only get compression in 2 cylinders.

It sits outside collecting pine needles and trees on it, and only gets started about every 6 to 9 months... but still fires right up on the 1st try. Never let me down since driving it off the dealer's lot in 1991.


26th Apr 2005, 17:49

My 91 tercel is the bomb it is very fast and a 1/4 mile in 13.9 sec. very fast.

26th Aug 2005, 16:22

Well, I've had that '91 Tercel since 1994, and it has only 89,000 miles on it. I spent $400 for a basic paint and $800 for a 4 set of 16" wheels and tires. And recently I went to fix the A/C, and at last they did!! I tried 4 times to fix the A/C, but everytime a leak troubled my life. Anyway, I think this Tercel looks even better and works alike any of today's econo cars. The only difference is that current econo cars have P/W, and P/L. I'm looking to buy a Scion tC, but don't think I'm gonna trade my baby for it.

22nd Mar 2010, 22:01

30-35 MPG - Super fuel economy and very comfortable ride. My 91 Tercel is used as a daily driver and has 169,000 miles on the odometer.

17th Jul 2010, 22:40

My 1991 Toyota Tercel is one of the best cars I've owned, and I've own over 40 cars. I paid $400 for this car and it's very dependable. It gets about 37 miles per gallon, does not burn oil and it's fast. I do have to admit it's a base model with no power steering, windows or locks, but I wouldn't trade it for a Cadillac. This car is a gift from GOD; it's 19 years old and runs like a new car. I'm amazed at the quality of this car.