1994 Toyota Tercel DX 1.5 from North America


Zippy, extremely reliable, low cost


Usual maintenance, including brakes. Rear wheel bearings after driving through water.

General Comments:

My first car, and it couldn't have been a better purchase. It's totalled and I'm sad to see it go. Did not have to replace a single engine part in 12 years and 80k other than usual maintenance; didn't even replace spark plugs or wires, hoses. Only replaced fuel and air filters once, and it still ran great with smooth transmission shifts even at cold start and still got over 35mpg highway! Paint still shiny. Only experience with dealer was recall for rear defroster - excellent service.

A lot of zip off the line due to very low car weight, but slower acceleration to 60 and beyond. Very responsive steering, but rounding at high speed is a bit iffy, not to mention feeling the effects of crosswinds and drag of semis. Very loud wind noise on the highway, but more cabin room than you'd expect for a car this size.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2007

8th Jul 2007, 03:30

I mistakenly put 1/10 for running cost - should have been 10/10, more in line with my comments. Thanks.

1994 Toyota Tercel LS 1.5 3E-E from North America


These cars are very reliable and easy to maintain, I would recommend it for beginners


Car now started to burn oil at 156000 kms, Only burns it when you start it up after sitting for a couple hours. After start up doesn't burn a drop. Caused by valve stem seals which I'm currently replacing seals cost 5$ each from the dealer (Need 12)

General Comments:

This car is amazing, It is my first and only car, I had nothing, but good luck with it. Its great on gas, interior is extremely nice for a 4 door sedan, Nice looking exterior as well, Engine proves itself to be a Toyota engine by being extremely reliable (other than the oil burning) For power wise, I wouldn't try racing it especially up hills, It was built to save gas so lacks horse power at times, but at times can have great pick up.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2007

1st Jun 2007, 17:33

Can you replace the antenna? my emal is grassgum@yahoo.com let me know OK.

1994 Toyota Tercel DX 1.5L from North America


Excellent buy for a starter car


Nothing at all, just routine maintenance and oil changes, etc.

General Comments:

I bought this car to move out west to start a job. I drove it from Southwestern Ontario to Manitoba and back, and then from Southwestern Ontario out to Saskatchewan and had no problems. During all these trips it was loaded to the brim with personal effects, and was still able to chug up the hills of Northern Ontario without losing too much speed.

The car was great on gas, handled well enough, definitely not very fast, but very very reliable.

Was very well built for a small car and drove like new even though it was 13 years old when I got it. Ploughed through the snow and handled winter driving extremely well.

Was still driving like that at the moment it impacted a Nissan Pathfinder and died, that's just about the only thing that could stop it.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2007

1994 Toyota Tercel Base from North America


This is the best car ever manufactured


When I first got the car, there seemed to be some kind of cylinder trouble, but after I had it looked at, it was a minor problem and was easily fixed.

Other than that, the car had no human caused problems. I have changed the oil when I'm supposed to, basically kept fairly good care of it, maintenance wise.

Now comes to the part where I like to imagine as the little Tercel as a rally car. During one of my imaginations, the exhaust system had to be replaced and I need a new plate to underneath the car to avoid getting mud into the radiator. This car is the most unbelievable car you will ever see. No joke. I have beat the thing to hell. And it still goes.

The timing belt was supposed to be replaced 65000 miles ago, and it hasn't, and shows no signs of needing to be.

The clutch needs to be replaced.

I tend to redline in gears, or at least I think I do. I can't tell cause I don't have an actual rpm gauge. The wheels have fallen off probably 5 times, because the bolts were not tight enough.

I usually drive this car 75 on average through my town, and it's solid at 75, besides it's revving sort of high since it only has 4 gears.

I like the fact that its so light you can powerslide and fishtail fairly easily and regain control easily.

I drive it on dirt roads all the time, jump it, go 55 in 2nd gear, I've actually made it to 100 mph in this car, this thing is a beast.

Here's the basic point; I have driven it 22000 miles while absolutely beating the crap out of the poor car, and not have had a single problem.

Because of this car's greatness, I plan to install a IHI VF4 turbocharger and some other goodies to get this baby cruising.

I get about 40mpg average, and that's pedal to the plastic non stop basically.

Great car, probably the best car ever made. period.

General Comments:

Best car ever.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2006

10th Aug 2006, 16:52

YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! You're right on the money. I bought new '93 Tercel in 1993, same year I started college, and it WOULD NOT break no matter how many times I drove it through the woods like a go cart. It didn't even get stuck when I was sure I was stranded. The suspension should have completely fallen off after the first week of torture, and it never even went out of alignment. I pushed the motor like I was trying to blow it up everywhere I went. NOTHING EVER BROKE. I did no maintenance at all, I just started it cold, dumped the clutch, and put my foot to the floorboard, shifting when I felt like it. It had gouges in the rocker panels from rocks in a quarry I used to drive it in, dents in the rims, cracked bumpers, and my friend regurgitated Blue Maui in the back seat. This car is magical, my friends, and every time I see one, to this day, I can still remember what that little motor sounds like revved up to about 20,000 r.p.m's. This is the most incredible vehicle ever made.