26th Aug 2008, 21:59

When we need to pass air care our mechanic hooks it to a tester and tweaks it to pass, then we return and he re-tweaks it to run properly. Just find a guy who likes/knows old Toyotas.

7th Sep 2008, 20:53

I have a 1986 Tercel Wagon SR5 "6-speed". It rocks! Just like previous comments I can go anywhere with this little car. I live in Colorado and in the snow I usually pass many cars by with the on the fly 4WD. I have around 156,000 on it so far am looking forward to another 100,000 out of it, if not more.

I have not had many problems. I have had to have the valves adjusted, 2 small rust spots, need to get some struts all around as I believe they have never been replaced. If you can get one of these cars you should.

Thanks for the website and other comments.

James Howell.

8th Apr 2009, 15:42

I bought a 1995 Toyota Tercel last summer. It truly had been driven by a lady who had retired to Okanagan. All the yearly tune up checks (2tx per year) completed.

This car purchased in 2008 is a beauty. Looks new and runs like a charm.

While ready this blog I find I am not the only one who affectionately LOVES their Toyota Tercel. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to purchased a new-used car. Cruising in Vancouver BC. :-)

26th Jan 2010, 20:01

I've had my Tercel for 7 years, I bought it when I was 15. I'm 22 now and still have this awesome rust bucket of a car. I bought it with 218,000 miles and now it has just over 260,000. I've replaced a clutch and an alternator, but that's bound to happen when you're an idiot teenager doing jumps in the forest with a 20 year old car. Best vehicle I've ever driven.

11th Nov 2010, 00:14

I have an 1983 Tercel and it has over 200,000 miles on the chassis and it has never had to get pulled out of the snow or mud. It's pulled out trucks that are full size.

I have a 5 speed manual 4X4 wagon with the granny gear that would climb almost any hill that is around.

I love my car and would never get rid of it. It's the best car I could ever get. I would like to get another one for a parts car. Whoever has one, I would keep it if I was you.


22nd Dec 2010, 17:45

It finally broke down... at 400,765 miles. Owned this little piece of awesomeness for 12 years (bought it when it had 309,000 miles on it for 100 dollars) the engine just finally up and died. Two cylinders went bad simultaneously, yet still sputtered and jerked around the next 20 miles before I got home. The car must have wanted to be home to die, that little rust bucket trooper. I'm looking for another one of these fantastic cars to get me to work and back, as they are great in snow, rain, mud, lava, etc... If you name it, it can drive over it. I really don't want to get a poorly made piece of crap new car. I would trade my left testicle to have another one of these Tercels, so it can drive 400,000 miles without so much as a 1000 dollars worth of repairs in twelve years. BUY THIS CAR IF YOU EVER COME ACROSS ONE.

5th Jul 2012, 22:14

I wrote this review, what, 3 1/2 years ago... Still have the car. It overheats in the extreme heat that Denver is having these days, but it will get me back and forth from work to home just before it does.

The power steering went out about a year ago, so I just cut the belt off, and now it's fine.

It's rusted through all four wheel wells (that makes me crack up every time I think about it).

I'm currently at 279,886 miles, and they are racking up fast now, now that I live 13 miles from work. I'm looking to sell it to someone for 200 bucks, so if you know any one who wants a car that will last them at least 2 eternities, tell them to give me jingle.