1994 Toyota Truck Base Model 2.4L from North America


Better than average considering its age


Nothing has gone wrong considering the age of this truck.

General Comments:

I owned this truck for 8 years. I just change oil, hoses, antifreeze etc. It never beaks down. I never had to have it towed to a garage.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2012

1994 Toyota Truck Work Truck 22re from North America


I'm keeping it till I die or it gets cruched!


What has been replaced...

- Shocks (all 4).

- Broke clutch fork (reason he was selling it to me).

- Timing set (gears, chain, guides).

- Right rear e-brake cable.

- Column switch for headlights/turn signals.

- Driver's seat belt (worn out).

- Massive rust in the rear bumper (none on the rest of the truck).

- Sway bar bushing's and left mount on suspension arm.

- Trans is not as smooth as it should be.

- Will need a new throttle body (worn out).

General Comments:

I have had a few Toyota trucks and I wanted one for work. All the ones I have had before have been 4x4's, so this was new for me having a 2WD.

I got it from the original owner with 342K. It had a broken clutch fork (disengages the clutch for shifting) and he decided he didn't need the truck anymore, and wanted to pass it down the line. I was shocked to see that the truck still looked like it only had about 100K on it. He took great care of it.

Since I got it, I have not had to do anything I didn't already expect to need fixing. 22RX timing guilds are notorious for braking, so that was no big thing, and all the other stuff was just easy to fix.

I have stated to add things to make it a little nicer. I had a bad turn signal switch and decided that I wanted intermittent wipers also, so I got a switch unit off of a SR5 truck. I also switched out the dash and cluster for the nicer 4Runner parts. I have also converted the front end to a 1994 4 Runner composite headlight front end (lights, grill, finders, core support), because I like the lighting and looks better.

I get 25-27+ MPG with normal driving, and with having a canopy on the back, it still has OK power. I'm not so keen on the small wheels and big tires, but that's something that can be taken care of in time.

The only things left to really fix is it needs a throttle body in a bad way. It's really sticky from groves being worn into it, and the trans will need replacing sometime in the next 60K. I will say though, this is a great truck to have with little things to worry about. They are also really easy to work on comparing to anything domestic. It does need a rear bumper, but not that big of a worry for me.

I'll have this rig for a long time, and plan to take it to 500K, if not 1 mill...

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Review Date: 20th July, 2010

1994 Toyota Truck 4 WD 2.4L 4 - cylinder from North America


Great truck


The "check engine" light went on at about 131,000 miles. I assumed from this web site that the problem might be the O2 sensor. I took it to an independent repair shop in Alexandria VA that has a good reputation. Sure enough, the problem was the O2 sensor. It appears, however, that the sensor problem was caused by a defective front exhaust pipe. The repair shop told me there was a cause and effect relationship between the two. The cost for installing the two, including parts was about $500.

General Comments:

Although we have only had the truck for less than a year, it appears that they prior owner took good care of it. It's a good running truck. Rust has not been a big problem. The truck body is in good shape. Will need new tires soon. Goodyear tires are now on the truck - they show even wear. Appreciate the views of other owner regarding what replacement brand would be best for this vehicle.

Based on comments from other 1994 Truck Owners, I'm thinking that maybe I should also change the timing chain and guides and also the water pump by 140,000.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2003