1994 Toyota Truck 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


The most unreliable Toyota I ever heard of


A plug in the head went out at 78000 miles. This allowed all my water into the oil pan. The people at NAPA said it was a factory defect from the molding operation when they make the head.

At this same time, I found that the cheap plastic timing chain guides also found their way down into my oil pan in about ten different pieces. This allowed the chain to eat up and crack the timing cover, a $250 part you can only get at Toyota.

I have finally got it running again after about $700 worth of parts and labor, and the door handle broke on me last night. Now I have to Dukes of Hazard it just to get out of my truck. I wouldn't have thought that a Toyota under 100,000 miles was supposed to have this many problems.

General Comments:

As far as off-road capabilities go the transfer case works just fine (I've only gotten it stuck once).

The 5 speed is effortless and easy to use as well, and even with the 4 cyl. it does good hauling stuff when it runs.

The body rusted out way too early though.

I got this truck because I've always heard such good things about the quality and reliability of Toyota. Boy was I disappointed. With all the engine problems I've had, it just didn't impress me.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2001

17th Jun 2001, 18:26

I have a 94 Toyota just like yours, but I have had no problems with it, except for the usual wornout clutch. I wouldn't judge Toyota that much until you buy it from the dealer and live with it (not used).

31st Jul 2001, 21:32

I will agree. My father's Toyota Pickup was bought new and has 235,000 miles on it, and other than some coffee stains around the shifter, the truck is a real beauty. I've driven it from time to time, and even though the clutch need replaced (my father is stubborn), the truck has been nothing less than a perfect angel to us.

As for yours? Ask the previous owner (s) how they drove the truck. I would be more apt to blame the operator over the vehicle.