2003 Toyota Tundra sr5 v8 4.7 from North America


Best quality truck out there



General Comments:

This truck is the right size for me. love the V8 power, very nice to drive have taken long drives with this truck very nice.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2004

2003 Toyota Tundra SR5 V8 TRD Extended Cab 4.7L V8 from North America


The Perfect Truck


My 2002 Tundra SR5 TRD Ext Cab V8 2WD I owned for 24 great months. The only time it was in the shop was for oil changes.

My 2003 Tundra SR5 TRD Ext Cab V8 4WD has a new style gas cap and keeps triggering the check engine light. I Haven't had the opportunity to take it in, a loose gas cap code is what the cpu tells me, It's a one click cap, rather than the conventional screw in, but a loose cap is not the case. Other than that no other problems.

General Comments:

The Toyota Tundra no matter what year is by far the baddest truck I've ever driven.

The Tundra is extremely well designed; handles vertical incline and decline like no other. The TRD series has great clearance compared to the wannabees.

It's off road capabilities continue to surprise me; it handles the toughest terrain like it were a newly paved highway.

The only negative thing I have to say about this truck is the gas mileage @ 15mpg I wish was better. But then again the extreme power and quickness this truck possesses I can't complain.

My first Tundra I leased and did not possess 4WD. That's why I bought the 2003 Tundra; this ones a keeper.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2004

25th Mar 2004, 21:12

If my experience is any indication, take it in as soon as you can for the filler neck TSB. My dealer's service department isn't the greatest, and it only took them an hour. No more "check engine" light, and the new filler neck is WAY better than the old one.

3rd Oct 2004, 19:50

I had the same minor issue with my gas cap. Aside from that my 2004 TRD SR5 Double Cab is the most amazing vehicle I have driven. It handles whatever I throw at it. I am hard on it, and it just keeps taking it. Great ride, great power.

5th Nov 2004, 10:02

The check eng light came on, on my 03 tundra. I brought it back to the dealer, and they found the filler neck was cracked. This was not the first one they found to like this. There is a TSB#EG019-03 relating to this and it recommends replacing the fuel filler neck.

24th Aug 2010, 00:44

I own a 04 Tundra SR5 TRD, I would like to know what is gas you recommend for it. I have owned my truck for 5 months and I've been using the cheap gas.


27th Aug 2010, 03:33

It's rated for 87 octane. but it depends on the engine. If it starts knocking, use 89 or 91. But otherwise, 87 octane is fine. Of course, buy it from the big name gas stations to be safe.

2003 Toyota Tundra SR5 Access Cab 4x4 4.7 iForce V8 from North America


Unbeatable quality and great value


The seat belts failed to retract properly right from the beginning. I addressed this to the dealer when I brought it in for the first oil change and they replaced all of the seat belts and retractor mechanisms immediately with no questions asked- now they work 100%!

The back seat is a little small for a 250-pound, six-foot-tall man, but then I don't have to ride in my back seat.

Other than that, I am not fond of Toyota's OEM tire on this truck (non-TRD-package equipped) a 265-70/16 Bridgestone Dueler H/T 689 tire which I must say is comfortable and quiet on the highway, but it wears quickly and provides poor wet and snow traction. These tires howl around turns as if I were driving twice as fast. With 16,000 miles on the truck I can see they may not make it much past 30,000 miles.

Other than that, this truck is outstanding, a wonderful value, and that resale value can't be beat. Of course I won't be selling it anytime soon. If it is like my other Toyota trucks the body will rust away, but the motor will keep on going.

General Comments:

This truck rides like a Cadillac ought to. It handles the roads and dirt trails I drive equally well. The 4wd system is simple and bulletproof.

The interior is comfortable and I am happy to report the factory CD player won't skip even on gravel roads. The heated mirrors are a nice touch.

I firmly believe I will get over 200,000 miles out of this truck.

There have been no squeaks or rattles develop in 16,000 miles of hard use.

I just drove 485 miles on one tank of fuel and got 18.75 MPG- with the truck loaded heavily and the A/C on- which is still better than the EPA fuel economy on the sticker!

This truck is the perfect size and power. The V-8 is an authoritative monster and the truck is surprisingly nimble (for a truck!)

I am told Toyota redesigned the brakes for 2003 and newer models and it stops better than the 2000 model I drove. ABS is now standard and the brakes are awesome.

I tow 5000 pound trailers and this truck hardly notices it.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2003

28th Jan 2004, 10:42

Your gas mileage surprises me. I have a 6 week old Tundra V8 SR5 with 2000 miles and am getting 14.9 MPG in Texas. I've called the dealer and he said wait until after the breakin period to check the mileage.

31st Jan 2004, 15:03

I have a 2000 Tundra sr5 TRD with 60k on it. I have also had the same seat belt problem and recurring brake problems. I recently had the brakes done and the truck brakes better than ever. Toyota has offered exceptional costumer service. Never paid for a single brake job. If Toyota ever came out with a 3/4 and 1 ton offering a diesel engine, the big three would be in real trouble. Exceptional truck.This truck is "The best 1/2 ton" on the road. What a lot of people don't know is that it is made in the u.s.a. and most importantly designed by a company that doesn't cut corners to save a few $$$$...Remember, this truck was designed to outperform all 1/2 ton trucks and it does.

17th Mar 2004, 16:35

I love my 2003 tundra, but where can I get a repair/service manual?

24th Mar 2004, 11:41

What is the average gas mileage should I expect with a new SR5 V8 Tundra? Has anybody tried the K&N filter or Helix Power Tower to increase the mileage?

26th Mar 2004, 10:41

Highway mileage is generally better than EPA estimates, so no surprise there. The 14 mpg in Texas guy must not be driving steady or with cruise on, as the evenness with which you keep your foot on the accelerator is important for good highway mpg.

11th Jan 2006, 22:05

Please, I have a very interesting question what does the iForce Emblem means? I'm planning to, but a Tundra, but I've seen ones with the iForce emblem located at the rear door, and others that simply, don't wear it!

Can anyone tell me, all the V8 engines in tundra's are iForce?? or, is there any difference between trucks wearing that emblem?

PLEASE HELP, and what does iForce mean?

Please send me answers to csvv27@hotmail.com.