2004 Toyota Tundra SR5 Double Cab 4.7L i-FORCE V8 from North America


Wonderful pickup, but not as reliable as Toyotas of old


(1) Early on, the wiring for the overdrive on/off button was pinched in the shift lever knuckle. Didn't have this problem with my 2002 Access Cab; I think it was simply a manufacturing defect.

(2) The front tires wore poorly from the time it was new; outer side wear and cupping overall. The 2002 Access Cab had the same problem. Upgrading the front shocks to Bilsteins fix this.

(3) The rear transmission seal had to be replaced at about 50,000 miles (8 years old) and again at 65,000 miles (10 years old).

(4) The steering rack was leaking and had to be replaced at 65,000 miles (10 years old) - $14,000.

General Comments:

This is a California car -- no rust. I maintain it more aggressively than is required by Toyota (30K transmission service, etc).

I've driven pickups since before I had my license (compacts, full-sized from 1/2 ton to 1-ton duallies) and love the way the Tundra drives. The 2002 Access Cab has much more power than the 2004 Double Cab. It was like trading in a sports car for a station wagon. On the other hand, the roominess of the Double Cab is fantastic. It's like a full-size car in comfort without the wallowing suspension. Still, the power is acceptable. I'm not sure why, but the Double Cab seems to corner a little better than the 2002 Access Cab. The truck tows well (6,500 lbs Blazer/car carrier).

The steering rack has me concerned. This isn't what I'd expect from Toyota -- my son is driving my mother's 1989 Hilux that has never needed any major repair. I hope the steering rack doesn't prove to be a consumable.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2014

2004 Toyota Tundra Double Cab TRD 4.7L V8 from North America


The Domestics are good, but the Tundra is GREAT!


Nothing has gone wrong.

Headlights are not very bright - replaced with Pia's and it still didn't help much.

General Comments:

Wish I had the more powerful 2005 engine, but my '04 isn't really that bad.

I have the optional Borla Exhaust and it sounds fantastic!

Excellent quality truck.

Rides fantastic even with Off-Road package!

I've driven it off-road, hauled heavy loads and driven it hard and it doesn't show any signs of problems!

Best truck EVER!

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Review Date: 1st December, 2005

6th Jun 2006, 17:22

You nailed it!

I have the same truck and it is by far the best truck I have owned. I have owned several ford trucks and used all the domestic American made trucks for work. This Tundra is the best by far!

26th Mar 2007, 17:52

No full-boxed frame, structural weakness, no low-end torque, falsified HP and Torque figures. Piston slap (engine noise) in early engine life. A pretender. Waiting for sae HP rating reviews and modifications. In one sentence, why a 235hp 4.7 jeep engine leaves a 285hp Iforce in the dust. Without sludge!!!

26th Mar 2007, 19:57

Car and Driver April 2007 issue Tundra rated 3rd...Silverado #1.

27th Mar 2007, 10:53

22:37, Dead last at what?

More people like them than Fords, more people buy them than buy Fords, they have higher resale value than Fords, lower cost of ownership, get better gas mileage, and have won WAY more awards over the years than any Fords, so how are they dead last?

If they'd ranked the Fusion dead last (which is accurate) you guys would have said that Toyota's advertising bought them a good endorsement from Car and Driver, and that they are biased against Ford, or domestics in general. So, I can do the same: I'm guessing Ford paid somebody at Car and Driver a lot of money to even bother testing that Fusion piece of crap, and then paid them some more to say anything good about it. Because anybody with any sense knows the Camry and the Accord are at the top of that list, and any Ford car is at the bottom.