2004 Toyota Tundra SR5 4.7 V8 from North America


Poor product for the price


Breaks squeal after only 6,000 miles. Rides like a tank.

Windows fog over regardless of weather conditions, no matter what I clean them with.

Gas mileage is poor even for a V8.

General Comments:

I thought it would be a good truck upon buying it, but after only 6,000 miles I regret ever buy a Toyota. this is a mistake I will not make again.

I plan to trade it in or sell it as soon as possible.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2004

14th Jul 2005, 10:24

Well you must have ended up with a lemon. my buddy has one a has the best luck ever with it. lots of power and very good gas mileage. I guess that has to do with how it is driven.

2004 Toyota Tundra Limited V8 from North America


Safe, reliable and fun to drive truck


Squeak from the bed.

General Comments:

I purchased a 4WD Limited Double Cab with the TRD Package in February of 2004. Thus far I have driven it in the snow, 3000-mile trip to Mexico, two trips to Las Vegas and a drive up the coast to San Francisco. It has driven superbly. I purchased the truck to be used as the family vehicle. I have read a few other reviews and can address the gas cap problem. Due to my trip to Mexico I purchased a locking cap (same as the 2003). In replacing the stock cap I read the owner's manual and noticed that even though it goes in one way, not a screw type, it does click more than once. Toyota recommends you turn the cap so that it clicks a few times. Apparently this helps to tighten the cap down. I had the "check engine light come on once, and quickly solved the problem by ensuring I click the cap a few times after I refuel. The light turned off on its own.

I had the truck loaded down, at least 1200 lbs., during most of my road trip into Mexico. I was surprised at how well it handled for being loaded down. The torquey engine helped when going uphill, but I did wish the engine had a little more power. The BF Goodrich tires that come on the TRD package are considered snow tires and as such handle well in the snow. I did not slide once during a trip to the local mountains. Aside from the lack of more HP/Torque the only other problem I have had is a squeak that comes from the bed whenever I hit an uneven road/surface. I have yet to take it in. Other than that the truck if fun to drive and safe for my family. The 15-mpg mileage is the trade off for having my family safe during our road trips. It is now July and I have put over 10,000 miles on the truck.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004

18th Jul 2004, 08:55

I am trying to locate a locking gas cap for my 2003 where did you get it thanks.

25th Aug 2004, 12:27

That squeak that you are hearing in the bed of your truck is likely your shocks. I took my 2004 TRD Double Cab in because of this squeak and it turns out the rear shocks were screwed up. They replaced them under warranty and the noise has stopped. I would suggest that you do the same.

Great truck otherwise.

22nd Mar 2007, 22:00

Hopefully, at some point the public will come to realize that "Toyota SERVICE" and "Toyota QUALITY" are oxymorons. Anyone actually expecting Toyota to fix problems is going to be VERY disappointed (and believe me, there will be PLENTY of problems to be fixed!!)

28th Mar 2007, 12:55

22:00 I think that instead, some of the public will read your comment, and realize that you don't have a clue about what you're talking about. None of my Toyota's have EVER had a problem.

29th Mar 2007, 19:57

LOTS of Toyotas have PLENTY of problems. Just look through the 2006 Camry and 2003-2006 Tundra reviews. I never had a problem with any of my domestics. I had TONS of problems with my imports. That's why I only drive domestics now.

1st Jan 2017, 03:08

I've owned Fords, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and Mitsubishi vehicles. The domestics all gave me fairly routine problems, the imports have been flawless. All you have to do is pick up an issue of Consumer Reports to verify, and before you cry bias, CR takes zero money from the companies they review.

1st Jan 2017, 18:04

Is there such a thing as a flawless car? Why even have a warranty department in a new car dealership? In fact why have a service dept at all at a Toyota dealership? I guess they all just stand around or change oil or rotate tires only. I have had new Toyotas and Hondas with trans replacements, sludging issue, failed air conditioning, and even hardware issues with locks. Not like normal wear items like a tire or brakes. Maybe next time you go to the Toyota dealer, inquire what the dealer's Toyota service dept is there for and what work they do on late models.