29th Jul 2009, 10:05

Sounds like you should test all the 2009 domestic products with newest development. Glad you have never been downsized and find imports better to buy. I wonder if your foreign competition shares your sentiment. Buy foreign, but please pay me for domestic activity. The shirt comment has relevance as the cloth started here, pieced together overseas, yet corporate gets all the profit in America when it is wholesaled here at malls and abroad. Toyota same as their corporate in Japan gets the profits to grow their own economy. Low labor costs, environmental impact tax concessions to lower labor cost. I am glad my wages and pension are not affected, and I am not going backward over the import effect.

29th Jul 2009, 14:49

"The best producer makes the best product"

Ford F Series trucks number one selling full size truck for over 20 years.

Tundra reviewers take note.

29th Jul 2009, 19:06

People who truly WANT to support U.S. industries can find ANYTHING they need or want from U.S. based companies. All of our 4 vehicles are made by U.S. companies. All our 4 TV's are made by U.S. companies. The computer I'm writing this on was made 2 miles from my home. Our heating systems, all our appliances, all our clothing and all our electronic goods were made in the U.S. by U.S. citizens. If they aren't, we simply won't buy them. You DO have a choice to support U.S. industries. If you don't, it's because you choose not to, not because the option is not available.

29th Jul 2009, 19:09

"Buying a Japanese car does not mean all the money goes to Japan"

Yeah, sure. Like the Japanese companies give it all back??

31st Jul 2009, 23:42

"The best producer makes the best product"

Very true. I was just sent a news article about the world's best hybrid, the Ford Fusion. In a recent test in normal driving a hybrid Fusion got 81.5 miles per gallon. Toyota can't come CLOSE to that, and the Fusion doesn't look like an egg, it is a real car. It's no wonder people are trading Toyotas and Hondas in in droves for them. On Wednesday a friend asked me to pick him up for work because his 2007 Honda Accord was in the shop (again). After riding in my 4-year-old Fusion he plans to trade for one.

14th Nov 2012, 18:51

You'll see who's in whose dust at 200,000 miles.

4th May 2013, 07:16

I bought it with about 15k on it, and put the rest on it in 6 months.

Interior fell apart, the color peeled off it, and the trim itself was very cheaply made.

That said, I did like the truck, despite being a SWB regular cab Z71, which made it the worst tow vehicle I had ever owned. I sold it because I decided to get out of debt... because I choose to support the people of my country rather than the banks whenever I can.

4th May 2013, 07:36

I don't buy new cars, so no matter what I buy, I'm supporting my fellow neighbor Americans. Just sayin...

4th May 2013, 12:51

Actually, when you keep a car you are not helping. Perhaps parts or a mechanic, vs manufacturing all the new components in a car.