1989 Toyota Van LE 2.2 from North America


Truly one of Toyota's best ever made


All after 200k: radiator, new.

Master window power lock switch, new.

Heater blower, new.

Water pump, new.

Complete rear end rebuild.

Driver's seat belt, new.

Slider door handle, new.

General Comments:

Purchased by employer as my service van 1995.

Has never left me or $30.000 in spare parts stranded.

Unstoppable 4X4 with chains in any snow (plows thru).

Uses nor leaks any oil.

Transmission shifts like new, never been opened.

Gets 21-23 MPG.

Always has been a joy to drive, and not too bad to service.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2009

1989 Toyota Van LE 2.2L Gasoline 4 cylinder from North America


This is the BEST van - I wish I had 2 more younger versions!!!


Alternator went out, replaced.

Seats hard to get used to - dealing with it.

Passenger window motor out - dealing with that, too.

General Comments:

So far, in 3 weeks of ownership, I've had to replace the alternator. It was no big deal, except that I suspect I might have over-paid for the shop side of things, but now that works great!

There is a loose connection in some wiring somewhere that is causing the Charge, Oil Level, Radiator and Brakes indicators to light on the dash, but I'm not going to spend a ton to go through the wiring if it keeps running.

I was warned that the passenger's side front electric window motor was bad, and since it was stuck in the DOWN position, I was going to have to spend to have that fixed. Well, my wife got cold riding with the wind blowing on her so she absent-mindedly hit the electric switch to roll the window up, and miraculously, UP it went! So, I can put that expense to rest for a while.

The powered moon roof above the rear passenger compartment is GREAT!!! I love that feature... it helps to keep the van cool while all the windows are closed while I'm on a delivery or something and have to keep everything locked up.

The front seats are a bit odd and getting to the engine compartment (under my seat!!!) but I'm getting used to them. It took a bit to get the driver's seat into a position that was actually comfortable - the downside to driving a minivan with LONG LEGS!

The rear cargo area (with seats removed) is not as wide as I'm used to with my other van, but it's plenty long enough when I need to haul stuff. I'm SO glad that I finally have a minivan with gas springs that actually WORK!!!

I think in addition to all the features I have on this van, the only thing I could really add to it is better anti-sway for the handling and better shocks - but it's possible that the shocks are bad and need replaced so time will tell.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2008

8th Sep 2008, 11:08

Hey dude check ur alternator belt, I had same problem when I got mine and it was from the belt slipping and not moving the alternator like it should.

25th Feb 2010, 21:31

Check the connector plug on the back. I had the same problem and it happened to be just exposed wires crossing.

1989 Toyota Van 2.2L from North America


Best van ever built!


I acquired the van about 8 months ago.

It had 242000 miles on it, and the interior was in almost perfect shape, minus one small stain on the rear carpet.

I was the second owner, and the first owners used it as a taxi to haul people from Bakersfield to Los Angeles.

Nothing major has broken on the van; it has had the brakes replaced and oil changed, and the whole ignition system replaced, but otherwise nothing has been done to it.

It gets really good gas mileage for being able to carry 7 people (assuming they aren't huge).

It now has over 257000 miles, and starts right up without any problem.

Seats are all in good shape, and no real stains or tears.

It can be a pain to work on the engine if you are over 6' like myself, but I do love the excellent turning radius.

If you see one of these vans for sale, you should seriously think about purchasing it, because they are pretty rare over here in Southern California, and I don't see why.

If you know of one for sale, please send me info because I would love to have a second one, and they are usually pretty cheap to buy. eschertztaft@hotmail.com

The stock radio was pretty massive, but for it being old it actually sounded good.

I have never seen a vehicle that has the engine under the front seats until I acquired this van.

General Comments:

It handles quite nicely, but I would not recommend driving it in very windy conditions, because it is very skinny and tall, and gets blown all over the road.

Although I am a teenager, I have gotten into some pretty costly trouble with this van; it can do some serious burnouts, and that was how I received my first ticket.

The only real major thing that I don't like it the front. In a head on crash, survival is most unlikely.

This van can do just about anything; it is rear wheel drive and is usually hard to get stuck unless the driver isn't paying attention.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2008