15th Dec 2003, 17:23

Amen to that. Love those Vans

We hve two Toyota 86 Van 5 speeds. Engine in one blew a gasket. Looking for deal on replacement engine.

Local shop imports them and does install for about $2500. Tempting .Time for reality check. This car has

302,000 miles on it. Put Slick 50 in tranny and diff way back when. Will it go for ever??


Alex Va.

16th Mar 2004, 02:48

I had a 1984 Toyota Van, featuring:

Like new interior.

Like new exterior.

Gold color.

It looks like a futuristic model, maybe 2020.

Awesome van!

LE Limited Edition Model.

Interior has stereo, A/C, air fans, vents.

All gauges are like new.

All turn signals, and switches work.

The previous owner took excellent care of the van.

This van cost over 13,000 - when new in 1984, becasue it has every high end feature that was available, including a small refrigerator in front of the shift lever in the front cabin.

It has a front sunroof.

It has a giant 40 inch by 30 inch automatic sunroof in the mid section of the van. The sunroof opens by pressing and holding a button on the interior roof, in between the two sunroofs.

The rear has a double seat set with fold down arm rests, and a triple seat at the extreme rear.

The seats fold into a bed, and also come out when needed for extra space.

The rear has small compartments, trash bins, light switches, and extra cigarette lighter plugs for your laptop.

This van really had every available option. It's an awesome van!

I love the sliding windows in the mid section. Two on each side of the van; they slide by hand and lock in place when closed.

Not to forget, the giant sliding door on the passenger side mid section of the van.

The rear trunk door opens vertically and has the windshield wiper powered automatically with fluid from the front driver's control. Again, this one had every option.

The front main access doors closed with a firm, strong thud. Very solid doors, like new, everything.

Automatic windows, front, and automatic door locks opened all door locks at once, and closed at the push of a button.

Nice seats all around, with burgundy on tan and a nice mid-brown color.

Headliner and interior in pristine shape, with light beige tan interior; luxury.

Double headlights, one set for standard lights and one set for the high beams.

Standard most expensive stainless steel wheels.

It is a little slow on the acceleration, and cars tend to want to pass you; sometimes they do. It is a van of course, designed to move cargo and people, and carry weight surely, not to go fast. The acceleration takes time, with a smooth feel, and since you are sitting as the driver, near the absolute front of the vehicle, you get a 3d view of the road, almost like a hyperspace view.

In the movie Back to the Future part one, there is a shot near the end, where we see a movie theater beside the street; there is MY VAN parked in front of the theater, the gold van, 2 shots are visible.

I bought it as a mobile movie studio and project van, and it was awesome. I was hanging out everywhere, looking out of the sunroof, and just sitting back there in the luxury seats.

I had to sell it because I needed to switch to a normal car to commute to work and school, but now I am kind of sad that I don't have it any more. I sold it for just 800.-, I bought it for 2,400.-. It really was worth at least 5,000.-, but with a van like that one, it's really worth a million, or priceless, because they are so awesome, and they don't make them any more like that. I would like to get another one in the future, or even two. The problem for me was space, I had no place to park the van. I would love to have a garage or some space to park cars someday.

If you have any vans like this, or any other vans I would like to buy them from you.



12th Apr 2010, 23:32

These vans were banned from being imported. They used to be classified as trucks. US government wanted them to be classified as cars (sedan) in their trade negotiation. Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda still ship them to the rest of the world in astronomical numbers (usually diesel engined).