2011 Toyota Venza 2.7 from North America




Very poor gas mileage. 25 miles to the imperial gallon. I have had V8 motors in trucks that had similar mileage.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2012

3rd Mar 2012, 20:28

It's a heavy vehicle...

14th Dec 2012, 09:18

I just dropped off my 2010 Venza for its 40,000 service. Did you know that the service rep. stated anything higher than 87 octane is just a waste? Also he stated that good brands of gas, like Chevron (which I always use) Shell and Exon, have the better quality gas. It will last longer, and will be better for the car's performance.

Try to stay away from the grocery store brands, cheaper brands; they meet the minimum standards in gas quality. This will keep your car from running at its best. I get extra mileage, when I use Chevron, than other brands, 30+ miles more than normal. If I use a cheaper brand, the gas flows like water, and my mileage is worse.

2009 Toyota Venza 2.7 gas from North America


Great, reliable, good looking crossover


The air vent ornament got broken. Beside this, no other problems so far.

General Comments:

I love the car, I get good city gas average, however highway is a little bit higher than I expected.

Comfortable car, reliable, the engine has decent power, great looks. Overall, I love the car a lot.

Things I wish had been better: gas mileage... and tires are pretty expensive considering the 19 inch stock rims.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2012

2010 Toyota Venza 3.5L V6 from North America


The Yoyota Venza in my opinion is a poor quality car with a high quality price tag


Stereo needed to be replaced due to faulty USB connection.

Interior trim pieces starting to lift in corners.

Musty, dirty sock smell that won't go away, no matter what we do to try to alleviate it.

Any unpainted interior metal such as rear seat hinges and framing rusting badly.

General Comments:

This car looked and felt very good from the start, but after only 7 months of ownership, it is really beginning to disappoint.

The fuel mileage is nothing like what is listed on spec sheet at the dealership.

The ride quality is not too bad, but road noise is a little excessive for a car of this price range.

Warranty coverage is nothing compared to other manufacturers.

Exterior paint quality is sub par and chips very very easily.

Some interior metal hardware is either non painted or non galvanized, and will rust very easily with any interior moisture, including the air conditioning.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2011

2011 Toyota Venza AWD V6 from North America


This car only has the good looks, but not quality


After 2 weeks of purchase, a mouse went into the engine compartment and chewed some wires, causing the engine light to come on (the cables are eco friendly and easy to recycle; that is why if exposed, they attract mice).

Dealer told me 2000$ for a new harness, and it's not under warranty. I fixed the cable myself.

Noticed some paint under the hood was peeled off, and it came to my attention that there is no under coating whatsoever, so I decided spend 1300 for RUST and paint protection.

Recently after 5 months driving, I noticed very tiny rust spots all around the doors. It is very disappointing. I took many photos of those rusty tiny spots. This means next year these rust spots will develop under the paint, and within 2 or 3 years, you can have a 3 year old car with the look of a 15 year old car.

The car, at 2100 to 2500 RPM, creates some kind of low pitch sound, which if you travel on a quiet highway and want to have a quiet ride, you can be annoyed.

General Comments:

Very disappointed with this Venza. I will sell this Venza soon, otherwise after 1 or 2 years, when the rust is all over the car, I won't have any value in this car.

I believe the Toyota cars manufactured in North America are not controlled very well by their Japanese ownership.

So when you purchase a Toyota car, make sure it is made in Japan!!!

I didn't enjoy the ride. The only comfort is the vehicle is wide and curvy inside, and gives you safe travel.

During winter, salty splashes can easily enter under the hood, and spread all around the engine and other parts.

I power washed under the hood few days ago, but there are still signs of salt that cannot be removed very well.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2011

9th May 2011, 09:06

In 5 months rust starts showing up? I think Toyota just revived the Lancia Beta!

Either way, I'm sorry to hear about these silly troubles with your new car; for the $2000 they were going to charge you, you couldn't just have gotten a whole other, less-rusty car.

9th May 2011, 14:49

It is indeed unfortunate that your 2011 has already started rusting, but shouldn't this be covered by Toyota's anti corrosion warranty (normally it is a 5 year, unlimited Kms warranty, but I could be wrong).

As for the Mouse in your hood, unfortunate events happen to everyone, and it's shame that a rodent cost you money, but I wouldn't expect Toyota to pay for this odd occurrence, since it is not a manufacturers defect (although one could that it is a designing defect that the mouse was able to get in, but I do believe that If a rodent seeks warmth, it will find an opening either underneath the hood, or through the fender wells (there are holes everywhere).

As for your disappointment in the performance and overall handling of the vehicle, you failed to mention which powertrain you chose (2.7L 4 cyl. or the 3.5 V6); these could have an impact in the performance of a vehicle that you may not have noticed during test drive. I hope that your opinion of Toyota or the Venza name brand hasn't been polluted by your unfortunate experience.

And in case you are wondering, I am not a Venza, or Toyota owner (nor have I been), and I am just an automotive enthusiast, just expressing my friendly opinion.