2013 Toyota Venza LE 4 cylinder from North America




I bought my Toyota Venza LE 2013 about 6 months ago.

The week after I bought it, I went to the dealer about the terrible musty mold odor in my car. They said put this on outside air, and this and that. The smell is even worse, and is so bad that I cannot stand to get in it to drive. I am so disappointed with this car, and this is our 5th Toyota.

I have taken it in three times with no better result. I would not buy this vehicle. The dealer already knew of the problem and was not honest with us when we bought it. It was used and the original owner traded it in... I wonder why??? I worked in the car business for 25 years as well at a manufacturer's corporate headquarters. This is just wrong.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2014

26th Feb 2015, 21:20

Did you or anybody find out why or where the odor could have come from finally?

Did you call the manufacturer about the problem?

7th Jul 2018, 16:31

The odor comes from water made by air conditioner vapors. It gets stuck there and when it is hot it starts to rot. What helps me to avoid this is when it is hot, setting the air circulation to Outside mode when leaving the car, and turning off the air conditioner before turning the engine off and wait for like 10 seconds or even more to make sure everything is in order, and only then turning off the engine.

5th Nov 2018, 15:27

I find the best way to avoid the musty A/C smell is to turn the A/C off a few minutes before you get home and change from recirculation to fresh air, then when I park in the driveway I turn the heat on full while I unload the car. The heat quickly evaporates the moisture that condenses because of the temperature difference (cold A/C and hot car around the vents). Then I have no more bad smell.

2011 Toyota Venza V6 AWD from North America


I bought this car from a Toyota dealer in Canada just over a month ago.

The seats of the car came with their frames all rusted. I contacted the dealer the same week I bought the car. They took pictures and sent them to Toyota. Toyota Canada refused to replace the seats with new ones, even though it was obvious that the seats were damaged and the car was brand new.

Finally Toyota agreed to "clean" the rust. A few days ago the dealer said that they were willing to install new seat frames. However, when I picked up the car, the rust is still there. The only difference is that they tried (unsuccessfully) to clean it a bit.

Very disappointed with Toyota. This is the last time I buy a Toyota.

General Comments:

The car looks nice externally, but Toyota has failed in two areas:

1. No quality control any more.

2. No warranty at all on their defective parts.

Just fold the back seats and lift the fabric that cover the seat frames, and you may get a surprise with all the rust. The dealer told me that most Venzas arrive new rusted already in the inside. They tried to convince me that "it is normal on a new car to get rusted seat frames".

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Review Date: 6th March, 2012

7th Mar 2012, 17:47

All these 2011 Venza reviews on this forum are starting to look like the 2006 Camry reviews.

26th May 2018, 20:57

Noticed that bad reviews on Venza seemed to occur in March 12, 2012. Wondering if it's the same reviewer. The reviews lack content and don't make sense.

27th May 2018, 15:01

I follow the cars for sale in my area. And the Toyota Venza has been coming up for sale more and more on the dealers' used car ads. Owners have a flow to their keeping and selling their cars. Some get bored and want to move on. Some get a small problem and use it as an excuse for selling or trading it in. For me the best bargains are the 2011/2012. Fully loaded versions are running about $10,000 to 13,000 dollars. These vehicles were $30,000-40,000 when they were new. Are these cars perfect cars, no they were not. But the 2011-2015 were reliable people movers. The problem for me is I am not sure if they are a mini van... SUV or station wagon... but at that price, the value is there.

27th May 2018, 19:03

I would consider these in the crossover category. The future of the world of automobiles.

28th May 2018, 12:55

I don't think it's the same reviewer, as the review below has a different engine.

28th May 2018, 15:40

"The future of the world of automobiles."?

If the Venza is "the future", why was it discontinued three years ago?

29th May 2018, 12:42

Talking about crossovers, not just the Venza itself.

29th May 2018, 15:34

I was referring to crossover vehicles in general. Is it really necessary nit pick the comment because the Venza is no longer made?

29th May 2018, 19:51

Next time you want to proclaim something as "the future", don't use an example that only exists in the past...

30th May 2018, 15:02

And once again, not referring to just the Venza. Have you looked around lately? The roads are flooding with crossovers from ALL car companies that are taking over the 4 door sedan market. Manufacturers are now discontinuing sedans slowly but surely. Ever hear of a company called Ford?