2003 Toyota VIOS 1.5 G 1.5 gasoline VVT-i from Indonesia


As good as it gets


Nothing, it's one year old car.

Hope it will have no problem at all.

General Comments:

Toyota advertised VIOS featuring Britney Spears "It's Everything".

For me "It's almost everything".

One of the best looking small sedan. This top of the line 1.5 G comes loaded with ABS with EBD, digital instruments, fog lamps, 15 inch alloy, and others. Nice interior with firm and comfortable seats, but without seat height adjustable. Unlike Thai and Singapore-spec, the VIOS for Indonesia doesn't come with SRS Airbag.

You get what you pay, this Thai-built Toyota offers best value in the nice packaging.

The VIOS might be called a scaled down Corolla Altis or a baby Camry, with, but I wish it comes with "Celica-feel" steering & handling.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2004

26th Jan 2005, 10:53

I have recently bought a brand new 1.5 Vios. So far, so good. I am happy about it. I hope it will live up to what it claims to be.

18th May 2005, 23:12

I just got my new Vios 1.5 G, so pretty happy with the exterior look, and good handling. Good pick up power, but I found the water licking at the bottom, maybe the aircond is too cold.

2003 Toyota VIOS Sports Edition 1.5 from Singapore


A good bargain


Nothing has gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

The car is a dollar for value car. So far the car is fuel efficienct. It runs about 600km on a full tank.

The sports edition comes with front & rear fog lamps. Useful for long distance trips up to KL.

Cornering at high speed is stable with no over-steering. Although it is a sports edition, it does not perform like one as it has a 1.5L engine with a rather slow pick up from zero acceleration. Once it has accelerated, it is pretty stable up to 125km/h.

Although it is not as spacious as the Toyota Corolla (Altis), it is a good buy for a family unit of 4.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2004

15th Dec 2004, 00:36

I am an owner of a Toyota Vios and I totally disagree with the statement about the car's performance. For your info the performance of a car is NOT determined by the c/c of the car rather than the power to weight ratio. The Vios has one of the most efficient engines in its class. Its 0-100kmph acceleration time is 9.8secs which beats many higher c/c cars because it has got 109hp compared to a kerb weight of about 940kg. For a comparison, there are only 2 cars in PROTON that have a faster acceleration (8.8secs) which is the Putra and the Satria GTI and the both of them have 1.8L engines. So imagine how powerful the Vios 1.5L engine is! I test drove the Vios 7 times and did extensive research before I bought it so trust me when I say that the car is an excellent buy in all aspects.