30th Dec 2004, 21:31

It's nice to hear so much of good things about VIOS's fuel efficiency, but unfortunately, I feel otherwise. I'm driving the 'S' model for the past 2 months, and the problems are as follows:

1. On my last 3 top-ups, I need to top-up after only covering 390km, 420km and 360km! This was a far cry from what I've known from other VIOS users, with an average of 520km. I always top-up when I hit the last bar of the fuel gauge. I've appraoched the local distributor, bout this problem, but was told that it could be due to my driving habits, or also because of the 15" rim which I've changed to. From info gathered from auto specialists, changing of rims to the next bigger levels should affect the fuel consumption at an average of 20km only, whereas, I'm losing about 160km! I drove one of my friend's VIOS, and am able to cover 510km on the same route I usually travelled with my own VIOS. So, I believe that my driving habits are not that bad after all!!

2. I can only start my engine after a few cranks, in most occasions. I don't think this is a normal situation for new cars, regardless, of whether it's a VIOS or other models/brands. During my first servicing, I voiced-out this problem. After some inspection, I was told that the car is perfectly all-right. Subsequently, when I checked the job-report, I was amazed that they only checked the battery condition, which, of course should be OK since it's a brand new battery. But, the starter system was not checked at all!

3. My fuel gauge only drops to the next lower level for the first two bars. After which, I need to switch-off and re-start the ignition system to see the actual fuel levels. For example, I know that I've travelled a reasonable distance, but the fuel level did not drop. I need to off and on again the system, after which I can see the fuel level dropped to the next lower level.

Can anyone assist me with my problems?

6th Jan 2005, 16:31

It is good to hear comments for other countries about Vios.

On Dec'04, I just bought a 1.3E M/T Vios and on my first month run I see my car almost perfect. Specially the fuel-efficiency, I run 12-13kms per liter on my sedan.

I just like to agree on the first comment that the my 0-100kms acceleration is a bit longer. At the traffic lights when the light turn green I'm being left behind by other cars on my sides.

14th Sep 2005, 09:21

Been driving my vios for 2 and a half years now.

Been covering lots of road, mileage close 100k. So far the car is simply marvelous, no problem at all.

I find that the drive train is a testament to Toyota reliability. However, think can improve on the build quality.

Fuel consumption always been great, I am doing around 13.5km/liter and I am on 15" rim! What else can you ask for?? Great value, trust me!!

18th Sep 2005, 09:22

I've heard so much about the fuel frugality of the Vios. Anyone with comments about driving the car to Genting Highlands?

8th Jan 2006, 02:26

Have owned a Vios E 1.5 for 1.5 years (late 2004)


- Quiet, smooth gear change.

- Brisk pickup from a standstill.

- Excellent fuel economy (15.5km/lit town cycle)

after tire change and increased inflation (F 33psi & R 31psi) to reduce rolling resistance.

- Bright headlights that turn nights into days.

- Convenient keyless boot relase.


- Noisy trembling engine after 2800 rpm.

- Weak high-end pull.

- Poor road handling especially on the straight at above 100km/h.

- Poor fitment of metals panels & plastic trims, inside and out.

- Poor equipment level (stock tyres & rims (175/14/65 GY NCT5), audio, seats, dashboard etc).

- Expensive (Rm25k more for 200cc larger engine than the Perodua Myvi 1.3, which has ABS, dual airbags, and Dvvt engine.

31st Mar 2006, 17:32

Hey guys, let's make fair comments in the forum. Do not make comparison with other makes or other models like Camry, BMW and so forth. Apple to apple comparison... please!!! If not, we will be landed in an endless debate....

My wife own a Vios 1.5G and I own an Altis 1.8L, needless to say, Toyota has scored the top sales in Malaysia apart from Proton/Perodua cars in Malaysia. Toyota is the 2nd largest car maker in the WORLD!!

My wife drives a VIOS, after nearly 2.5 years, she has no regret to own this car. The only problem is, the air cond cut off problem when the car is on standstill for prolong period (due to heavy traffic jam). Air cond cut off, leaving air blowing. This is a known problem and I have not heard Toyota is making a recall on this???

If you would seriously look at VIOS competitor - Honda City. A FROG-look, and too futuristic. Looks like you are driving Star War car. One great thing about Toyota design is, the outlook fits well across all ages.

Over to my Altis, I am satisfied.

Cheerio...SY from KL.

17th Apr 2006, 01:44

A few years ago, I saw a street race between a 1.3 SOHC manual Kembara with less than 88hp, and a 1.5 Vios with 109hp in Miri. That night, the white Vios challenged a silver Kemabara in front of it, in a middle range straight line road from town to Lutong. The Vios managed to overtake the Kembara, but could not shake it off. The Kembara still managed to keep a distance about 1 m at the back of the Vios!!!

9th Jun 2006, 12:34

Vios vs Kembara? Cut the crap! Kembara sucks. My Vios 1.5J (Auto) can beat all Malaysian cars so far. My fuel consuption is about 14km/l for 100-120km/h drive and A/C on. Full speed 185km/h with no modification.

25th Jun 2006, 02:29

Agree, that we should compare an apple to apple. Vios can be compared to Honda City and not to BMW or even to Altis. My wife owns a Toyota Vios '05 and she's very comfortable, and thankful bottomline satisfied. For us it's economical to have a 15km/liter and very good looking car, not so that futuristic design compared to City. I strongly recommend to have a Vios, especially to women.

3rd Jul 2006, 20:29

Can someone out there let me know if you've got this problem like what I face with my Toyota Vios? I have driven this car for about 1.5 years now, and I've got a problem. When my engine is running, my red temperature and ABS system is appearing for a few seconds, then it's gone by itself, as I know it never happen. Please please please help me.

20th Jul 2006, 08:36

Maybe your car temperature goes high when in stop position, and when you drive it cool down the radiator. You try to check your radiator water level, is it too low? Try look around the radiator, see whether got any red stains or green stains (radiator water), if not try checking for leaking places or check the radiator cap's rubber. Hope it helps:) It's better to have it checked by Toyota if still under warranty.

23rd Jul 2006, 02:22

Hi there.

I drive a Vios (E) - Auto Specs, well as far as the consumption goes, my average was 1.2 - 1.3km/l mostly town driving.

I've read the earlier posts that they claimed that their Vios can go to 500km? For full tank? I'll guess that's possible if it's driving along a long stretch of highways only right? If you can achieve 500km / full tank on normal town driving, then please share on how was it achieved?

Oh yeah, on the high temperature light on issue above, my friend did encounter it before. Do check on the water level in the radiator! When he checked on the radiator water level, it was very low, and when he checked at the bottom of the car in the morning, he noticed that there is some water dripping from his car onto the floor! He filled it up to the brim before he drove the car to work. When he checked again after he finished work on the very same day, the water level was low again (each time before he drove off he has to check the water level and to fill it up to the brim before he drove off). When he sent his car to the SC, they noticed that one of the hoses connecting to the radiator had leaked. They replaced the hose and the car was running perfectly after that.

Another thing that I would like to highlight was the services provided by the SC in KL. Since it tops the sales of motor vehicles in Malaysia... it's kinda tough to get a booking on weekends to get the car serviced. I have experienced that, even with a phone booking and a confirmed booked time and day, when I called them up to double confirm on my reservation they said that there's no such booking and asked me to re-book the time. Obviously the time slot that I booked earlier was no longer available. What is worse is that the next available booking was another 3 weeks.

Well that's the frustration that I get from the SC.

So share your frustration of the local SC and how to go about it!